Do you like a little bit of caffeine every morning to jump-start your day? If so, then you've probably had Robusta coffee. Robusta is the most popular type of coffee in the world, and for good reason - it has a rich flavour and packs a punch when it comes to caffeine.

But what is Robusta coffee, exactly? In this blog post, we will answer all of your questions about Robusta and find out where it comes from. Stay tuned!

what is robusta coffee

What is Robusta Coffee

Robusta coffee is a type of coffee that is made from the Robusta plant. This plant is native to Africa and Asia, and it was first discovered in Ethiopia. The Robusta plant is known for its high caffeine content, which is why it's often used in espresso and other strong coffee drinks.

Robusta coffee beans also have higher acidity than Arabica coffee, which gives them a more robust flavour.

So now that we know what Robusta coffee is, let's find out where it comes from.

Where is Robusta Coffee Grown

Robusta coffee plants are grown in many different countries, but the majority of Robusta beans come from Brazil, Vietnam, and Indonesia. These countries have the ideal climate for growing Robusta plants - hot and humid with plenty of rain.

The Robusta plant is also very resilient and can grow in poor soil conditions, which is why it's often grown on small farms in developing countries.

Different Between Arabica and Robusta Coffee

How are Robusta Beans Different from Arabica Beans

The main difference between Robusta and Arabica beans is the caffeine content. Robusta beans have about twice as much caffeine as Arabica beans, which is why they're often used in espresso coffee and other strong coffee drinks.

Robusta coffee also has a more robust flavour because the beans have higher acidity than Arabica beans.

What are the Disadvantages of Robusta

While Robusta coffee has many advantages, there are some disadvantages to consider as well. Robusta beans have higher acidity than Arabica beans, which some people find to be unpleasant. Additionally, it often has a bitter taste that can be off-putting to some coffee drinkers.

Finally, Robusta coffee contains more caffeine than Arabica coffee, which can be a pro or a con depending on your personal preferences. If you're sensitive to caffeine, then you might want to stick with Arabica beans.

Which is Better

There is no simple answer to this question - it depends on your personal preferences. Robusta coffee has a more robust flavour and higher caffeine content, while Arabica coffee has a smoother taste and lower acidity.

Ultimately, the best type of coffee for you is the one that you enjoy drinking the most. Try out both Robusta and Arabica beans to see which one you like better!

We hope you enjoyed learning about Robusta coffee in this blog post. Stay tuned for more posts about coffee from around the world. Thanks for reading!

Author: Richard Smith

Partner at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company

Richard Smith is a Tea expert, entrepreneur, and owner of The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company. Part of a family of renowned Tea planters dating back four generations, he was born in Calcutta (Kolkata), India, where he spent his childhood between Tea Estates in Assam and Darjeeling.

In the late 1970s, having accumulated years of knowledge in the industry, Mr Smith and his mother, Janet Smith, moved to Kent, South East England, to establish a Tea business in the village of Pluckley. Their early days of packing Tea Bags by hand from chests of 10,000 prompted the creation of the company’s flagship infusion known as Pluckley Tea. It remains our most popular product today.

Mr Smith, who studied economics at London Polytechnic, has since specialised in over 1,000 types of Loose Leaf Tea - in addition to around 70 varieties of Roast Coffee - from around the world. These are now available at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, where everything is still packed by hand and fresh to order, not only to honour tradition but to ensure the utmost quality and consistency.