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Exploring Black Tea

Exploring Black Tea

Accounting for over 90 percent of tea sold to the West, black tea is arguably the most common and most consumed variant of tea on the planet. Black Teas are produced from the evergreen shrub called Camellia Sinensis, this shrub can grow into large trees if not pruned. Green Tea, White Tea and Oolong Tea all originate from the same tea bush. Black tea has seemingly come out on top as one of the most popular worldwide. Its vast history is almost as exceptional as its flavour with its origin spanning over hundreds of years.

History of Black Tea

China Black Tea China Black Tea

Its discovery was made in China when its producers realised that with a special fermentation process, tea leaves became darker and had the ability to be stored for longer periods of time without losing their potency. These tea types were called black tea because of the change in the colourisation of the leaves, and thus, a new blend was born.
This newly discovered blend would eventually go on to take centre stage in the birth of a nation when the Boston Tea party occurred in 1773. Out of protest of imposed high tea taxes, colonial citizens of the British crown dumped pounds upon pounds of black tea into the Boston harbour in America. This act of defiance is largely credited as the birthplace of a remarkable idea – A United States of America – largely because of black tea!

Health Benefits of Black Tea

Kenalworth Liquor Black Tea Kenalworth Liquor Black Tea

Today, black tea is mostly preferred as a warm beverage rather than starting revolutions with approximately 165 million cups drunk in the UK per day. But it is not just interesting history that black tea has to offer – consuming 1-2 cups of black tea a day can have substantial health benefits such as improved heart health, a better immune system and a healthy digestive tract. These are just some of the many benefits of your morning cuppa’ with many more waiting to be discovered with ongoing studies occurring on a very frequent basis.
One such example is that of our very own Nilgiri Tea Flowery Pekoe Korakundah, this remarkable blend is grown on the renowned Korakundah estate, known as the highest situated commercial tea estate in the world at 8,000ft above sea level. Based in the Nilgiri hills, (also known as the Blue Mountains – not to be confused with the Blue Mountains in Jamaica or Australia,) this Orthodox Indian Black Tea has been credited with health benefits such as protecting your cells from degenerating from a number of circumstances, as well as containing a rich amount of antioxidants.

Naturally, these benefits are best utilised when teas are drunk without the addition of milk or sugar, but however if you choose to drink your morning brew, you can be sure that it is doing a lot more for your body than just waking you up!

Kentish BreakfastBlack Teas we Recommend you Try

Why not try our very own blend of Kentish Breakfast Tea, if you like the finer teas one of this years Darjeeling First Flush teas worth tasting is Darjeeling 1st Flush Tea Namring Upper FTFOP1 2016, flavoured black teas can be some of the finest flavoured teas around, Signature Tea or the ever popular Yunnan Tea


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