The average worker in the US wouldn’t be the same without their morning coffee or post-lunch caffeine kick. But how much money do you make from spending time pouring, measuring and stirring to make the perfect cup?

Have you ever considered how much you get paid for doing the coffee run at work (when you don’t work in a coffee shop)? Well, we’ve created a handy tool to tell you just that.

When taking a break from work and enjoying a caffeine fix, we’ve discovered just how much youearn whilst away from your desk.

Input your preferred coffee strength and consumption along with your industry and location to reveal how much of your wage is earnt from making a coffee. Why not compare how much you make versus your colleagues on those much-needed breaks!



If you work in Sales in Illinois and drink five cups of coffee a day you would, on average, earn $20 a week, $87 a month, $1,077 a year, and over $51,000 over your lifetime whilst on a coffee break!