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Learn More about Earl Grey Tea

Learn More about Earl Grey Tea

Earl grey Tea, the Great British favourite conjures up images of cosy nights in and chilly winter nights.

History of Earl Grey Tea

It has been a quintessentially British institution since the 1820's, it is assumed that it was named after Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl Grey and British Prime Minster in the 1830s when a Ver. Lavender Earl GreyChinese Mandarin blended a recipe for Lord Grey to suit the water at Howick Hall, using Bergamot to offset the lime in the water. The blend became popular as Lady Grey used to entertain London's political and social crowds and was asked if she would sell it to others.

Nowadays, there are several different recipes- and we stock 16 of them! From Russian Earl Grey with added Lemon Grass, Lavender Earl Grey, Rooibos Earl Grey, Green Earl Grey and even Cream Earl Grey a leaf version of a London Fog; Earl Grey, Vanilla and Milk- This one is a best seller and one of the office favourites.

Earl grey Tea Recipes

More recently, cold infusions and cocktails have exposed new characteristics of this teas complexity and using flavours from this Tea are well matched with Gin. You can make this by infusing Earl Grey Tea with a high-quality Gin of your choice for around 3-4 hours, strain the leaves and serve with tonic and lemon.

Earl Grey Tea has also been traditionally used in cake recipes, including Mrs Smiths best kept secretEarl_Grey_with_Cornflowers Earl Grey Tea Loaf!

The traditional recipe uses a blend of black tea to create a complex flavour profile; China Black, Assam Tea and Darjeeling Tea and fragrance is added by using Bergamot Oil. In more recent times the blend has used Ceylon Teas, Assam and Darjeeling with added cornflowers and sometimes even orange peel. Our house Earl Grey is a blend of Keemun, Assam and Darjeeling and we think that ours is the best!

As do you, not only is our Earl Grey a best seller but it has also has won the Great Taste award twice!

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