Pu erh Tea is produced exclusively in Yunnan Provence in South West China, mainly in Xishuangbanna, close to the Laos border. The taste and intrigue of Pu erh Tea comes from the fermentation process involved in creating it, using the bacteria, moulds and fungi that flourishes in the tropical weather of Xishuangbanna.

These simple organisms create the mellow and sweet aftertaste of this interesting black tea. There are two processing methods of Pu'erh tea; ripe, cooked or black Pu'erh and Raw, uncooked or green Pu'erh.

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Black Pu'erh is more of an “everyday” type of Pu'erh Tea, in comparison to the green Pu'erh which is compared to the taste of the forest floor, a woodsy, smooth and sweet.

Green Pu'erh is not oxidized prior to the natural process of fermentation, the favourite among tea enthusiasts as it reflects the careful manufacturing techniques, storing and the benefit of the slow ageing process over a period of years.

The microbial presences of live organisms on the surface of the leaves combined with humidity and time mellows the previously astringent leaf. Whereas Black Pu'erh goes through an 'artificial' method of fermentation and is oxidized prior to this with mushroom, bold, earth tones.

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During the mid-twentieth century, a quicker process to age Pu'erh was introduced in a government tea factory in the 1970's, using a style of 'wet-pile' fermentation. True Pu'erh connoisseurs use the term 'broth' instead of liquor but both are a dark, deep amber, clear colour.

Weight Loss

There have been many western studies of the effects of Pu'erh Tea which have recognised its ability to aid digestion, lower levels of cholesterol. Reduce the absorption of fat and sugar- making Pu'erh Tea an ample friend in slimming diets. Drinking 3 cups of tea a day can help you lose weight as part of a healthy lifestyle.

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