image1Hi, my name is Alicia and I am the newest member of Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company!

I am a trained tea sommelier, I trained with Jane Pettigrew and Bruce Richardson in 2010 and have worked as a Tea Sommelier at Tiny Tims Tearoom in Canterbury for the past four years! My favourite cup of tea is an Oriental Beauty Oolong (Dong Fang Mei Ren) as it is quite an usual tea, it is grown without pesticides to encourage the common insect- the Tea Green Leafhopper! This creates an usual sweetness and slight perfumed notes to the tea which I really enjoy.

In my spare time I really enjoy travelling and I have spent some time living in Thailand. I also really enjoy eating, I am a real foodie and love nothing more than trying new foods from new places!I am keen on high adrenaline sports, although sometimes you just cant beat a cup of a tea and a good book!

I love tea is because it is steeped (pun intended!) in rich tradition and and a long history. Tea has started revolutions, boosted morale, mended hearts, warmed hands, woke us up, helped us sleep and kept us going.

I am very happy to be working at Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee, I am very excited about my new role and I hope to bring you more things to read and drink!