Here at the Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, We pride ourselves on having a huge selection of Teas to tingle your taste buds.

We stock over 100 different teas on our website ; From Black Tea, White Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Pu'erh Tea, Matcha Green Tea to Fruit Tisanes Teas and Herbal Blends.

Throughout the year we constantly have Teas coming through out Tasting Room, be it the Darjeeling First Flushes in Spring time, the Mid Seasons in June or the Autumnal offerings. We also Enjoy tasting some seasonal blends and flavours to keep us on our toes, such as Christmas blends, Winter warmers, Seasonal fruit based products and Summer Iced Teas.

This Summer Season we are very excited to introduce Ten new products to keep you feeling Summery, even when the weather doesn't feel it;

Camomile, Lavender and Rose

Our new floral sensation Camomile, Lavender and Rose, a calming blend of flowers to help you naturally drift off to the land of nod. With sweet and soothing Camomile and invigorating, aromatic Lavender.


Green Tea and Elderflower

Green Tea and Elderflower - The flavour of the season! Sweet Honey like notes and bursting with green tea health benefits blended with refreshing Green Tea for an healthy, naturally sweet drink that will make an excellent Iced drink.


Darjeeling Thurbo OolongDarjeeling Darjeeling Thurbo OolongThurbo Oolong - is a rare Oolong from the Thurbo Estate, Darjeeling. Truly a Darjeeling for those who know their stuff- this a smooth, vegetal and floral cup with smooth grassy notes. One not to be missed for those who enjoy Darjeeling First Flushes.

On the odd occasion we are lucky enough to receive 'rare-it-teas' such as the Darjeeling Thurbo Oolong that we are introducing, when only a small batch of a rare tea available we tend to only sell it in small batches to allow everyone to be able to try it!


Strawberry Genmaicha Green Tea

Strawberry Genmaicha Green Tea - How does Strawberry milkshake sound to you? Well the creamy, butteriness of the popped corn and tasted rice in this Genmaicha with the added strawberry pieces, makes this green tea that just like that! One of the Tasting Panels favourites this Summer!


summer blossom herbal tea

Summer Blossom Herbal Tea - A blend of the most beautiful Summer flower petals with soft Red Berry, Cherry and Rhubarb flavours, a delicate caffeine free wonder! The heather and the Linden flowers can also help with urinary issues and sleep disorders; beautiful and useful.... much like our wonderful Tea Expert, Alicia!


Ginger Honey Milk Herbal Tea

Ginger Honey Milk Herbal Tea - As ever, British Summer time can be a little unpredictable! So to help we have introduced Ginger Honey and Milk, a sweet and soothing tea to warm you up, inside and out! Strong ginger is a comfort against the sweetness of Honey and the creamy milk- this will blow away those cob webs and brighten you up.


Sumatra Gunung Dempo Estate Black Tea

Sumatra Gunung Dempo Estate Black Tea - This black tea from the Volcanic mountain of Gunung Dempo, has a well rounded bouquet, sweet malty notes and a wonderfully delicate citrus tone. We really enjoyed this tea and a new country ticked off our list!



Cucumber and Melon Sencha

Cucumber and Melon Green Tea - Now, we know how this sounds but trust us, this tea is delicious! Ripe watermelon blended with refreshing cucumber and delicate notes of vegetal Green Tea. This blend is lovely Iced or as part as a Gin cocktail over ice!


Nepal 2nd Flush
We finally a new tea from the Shree Antu Estate, Nepal. We work extremely closely with the Giri Family who own this Tea estate to ensure a high quality leaf. This is a fabulous Second Flush, with bright and crisp aromas and strong muscatel notes- a true Nepalese sensation.



The final tea new tea we have to offer is the Ceylon Tea Kenilworth Estate Nuwara Eliya FBOP, an unusual Ceylon Tea as it has deep, malty Assamese notes with a dark copper liquor. We are really enjoying this one and its aromatic bouquet!


We work very hard at the Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company to ensure that we stock a wide range of products at competitive prices. And we really hope that you enjoy our new products. If you wish to view our whole range of new products this year,