The LeafThe Eucalyptus tree can be found mostly in Australia - sometimes with a sleepy Koala perched having a snooze! Between sleeping for 22-23 hours a day, the Eucalyptus leaf is a Koala's main source of food. The tree is also the reason for the blue haze that you can see in the Blue Mountains. The oil from the tree evaporates into the air, creating the mountains to look blue - and that is where the name comes from!

We have combined the freshness of the Eucalyptus with the sweet taste of orange and peach. By just opening the bag, you can smell the beautiful scent The Packetof orange and Australia. You can see the base of the Rooibos against the bright green of the dry Eucalyptus leaves and the zesty orange from the orange peel. It looks very interesting with the mix of colours from all the ingredients put together!

Use one heaped teaspoon per person and put into a teapot. Use fresh boiling water to pour over the tea leaves and let it infuse for 8 to 10 minutes. Make sure not to leave it too long as the tea can become quite bitter quickly if you over brew it. You will be able to smell the Brewingearthy and fresh smell of the Eucalyptus mixing in with the orange and Rooibos.

Pouring it into a cup, you'll be able to see the wonderful, eye-catching colour from the orange and Rooibos. The taste is very refreshing and zesty from both the tree leaves and the orange. They compliment each other very well! The TaaDaaRooibos is just a perfect base for this tea - would be very good for when you have a cold or just need a bit of a refreshing boost!

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