Coffee Connoisseurs are very particular when choosing their morning brew. We all want only the best from our Coffee, so surely a Flavoured Coffee Bean is far from exemplary? One just needs to look in the right place: The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company has an amazing selection.

Every one of our Flavoured Coffees, from chocolate flavoured to vanilla flavoured; hazelnut flavoured to even Irish Cream flavoured - have some of the best tasting notes in the world of Coffee. Don’t believe us? Read on and find out why and how - then try some of our Flavoured Coffee Beans for yourself!

How is Coffee Flavoured
How are Coffee Beans Flavoured?

One makes a Flavoured Coffee by adding flavouring oils to the beans. These Coffee Beans that undergo the flavouring process are coated with particular compounds to enhance the taste.

So-called “flavour chemists” (yes, it’s a thing) blend a variety of flavouring oils to produce notes reminiscent of some of the most popular ingredients in the world, including chocolate and hazelnut.

In some cases, even all-natural ingredients are used in the making of Flavoured Coffees, with additions such as vanilla pods, cocoa powder (in other words, chocolate!), nuts and berries (Disclaimer: we strongly urge all customers with allergies to check the ingredients of every Flavoured Coffee we stock to ensure no allergens are included).

Regardless of the ingredients used for flavouring Coffee, this process takes place following the processing of the bean itself. Predominantly, we use Arabica Coffee Beans for our Flavoured Coffees, though some may also contain Robusta Beans of equal quality.

Arabica beans, in particular, are considered by Coffee Connoisseurs to be the best beans for a multitude of reasons. While Robusta beans offer more caffeine, Arabica beans contain twice the amount of natural sugars, and when brewed, generally have a more defined “Coffee-like” Flavour. That same defined flavour offers balance in one’s morning cup, even after the flavouring process.

And once the right beans have been chosen, whether Arabica or Robusta, the next stage is roasting. All of our Flavoured Coffees are medium-roasted, which is arguably the most popular roast as it offers balance, smoothness and minimal acidity.

After roasting, and before flavouring, there are already an estimated 800 different compounds in Coffee Beans which contribute to the overall taste, including aromatic oils, mineral salts, organic acids, sugars and other carbohydrates. Additional flavour oils found in Flavoured Coffee provide even more notes; best of all, this is done without sacrificing the quality of the beans.

History of Flavoured CoffeeHistory of Flavoured Coffee

There is also much speculation surrounding the history of Flavoured Coffee, with many believing these scrumptious beverages to be new inventions. As it turns out, they’re not. In fact, many methods have been used for centuries.

Originally, nuts and berries were added to Coffee for extra flavour, which could potentially date back near to the time that Coffee was initially discovered. If this is the case, then it took early Coffee drinkers very little time to start experimenting with different flavours!

Over the course of time, advances in technology have given rise to more efficient methods of Flavouring Coffee. Some of the most significant changes came about in the 1990’s which, in turn, gave rise to a gourmet Coffee boom, with increased interests in exotic flavours.

Today, many choose Flavoured Coffees in Coffee shops; however, these Coffees are often flavoured with low-quality sugary syrups, which can create notably synthetic tastes. The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company prefer flavouring methods closer to nature, and closer to the earlier days of flavouring. We like to think we respect the history of Flavoured Coffee (and the History of Coffee as a whole for that matter!) through our methods.

Types of Flavoured Coffee

Types of Flavoured Coffee

Morning, afternoon or evening - there is always a Flavoured Coffee for the moment. Each is as mouthwateringly delicious as the last, and each offers its own unique qualities.

We have plenty of Flavoured Coffees to keep you going no matter the time of day. Which one is for you?

Vanilla Flavoured Coffee

Vanilla Flavoured Coffee

No summer is without an Ice Cream by the beach; but what if the weather is cold and dreary, and a trip to the seaside is out of the question?

We recommend our Vanilla Flavoured Coffee, which offers the same delectable tastes of that much-loved ice cream - all from the comfort of one’s own home.

Arguably best of all, our Vanilla Flavoured Coffee contains far fewer calories than the average iced dessert. It makes an excellent alternative to sugary treats, and in particular, we recommend this Coffee for the evening, perhaps even after a joyful dinner with friends and family.

Irish Cream Flavoured Coffee

Irish Cream Flavoured Coffee

Avoid nasty hangovers with our Irish Cream Flavoured Coffee, a beverage that offers the same tastes as everyone’s favourite liqueur but without the alcohol. As the name suggests, this Coffee boasts rich creaminess with every sip.

The notes are unmistakable, and most of all, wholeheartedly enticing. Adding Irish Cream to Coffee is a common occurrence, so why not go further still with a Coffee that already offers these remarkable notes and limits the possibility of a headache in the morning?

In fact, unlike actual Irish Cream, our Irish Cream Flavoured Coffee is a socially-acceptable beverage to start one’s day off! Consider this brew for the mornings, maybe with a croissant or two!

Hazelnut Flavoured Coffee

Hazelnut Flavoured Coffee

Hazelnut is debatably the most common Flavoured Coffee. It can be found on menus in Tea shops and Coffeehouses worldwide; however, unlike these establishments, we steer clear of artificial and synthetic-tasting syrups.

By stark contrast, our Hazelnut Flavoured Coffee is nothing but quality and consistency in every sip. It offers defined nutty flavours and makes an excellent early afternoon Coffee; meanwhile, many others choose to drink this brew whenever the mood takes them.

This Flavoured Coffee is, ultimately, one such Coffee that suits any time in the day. The choice is yours!

Chocolate Orange Flavoured Coffee

Chocolate Orange Flavoured Coffee

This beverage is a luxurious treat after a long, tiresome day. As such, it makes a great late-afternoon refreshment, although, like Hazelnut Flavoured Coffee, our Chocolate Orange Flavoured Coffee is good at any time and at any place.

Though the tasting notes of this Coffee may not come as a surprise, the extraordinary boldness of it might just have you wondering why this brew isn’t everywhere already.

It offers full-bodied, rich and creamy flavours with every sip. It is already a favourite of many here at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, and in no time at all, it will be yours, too.

Chocolate Mocha Flavoured Coffee

Chocolate Mocha Flavoured Coffee

Last but certainly not least, we have our Chocolate Mocha Flavoured Coffee. This Coffee is as indulgent as one would expect, with strong, flavoursome chocolatey notes and an enticing aftertaste that lingers on the palate long after one has drained their cup.

Again, we recommend this brew, like Chocolate Orange Flavoured Coffee, in the late afternoon or evening. It also makes an excellent treat after dinner when the plates have been cleared, the candles have been blown out, but the party wishes to continue the night in brilliant fashion.

Amazing is one particular word often used to describe Chocolate Mocha Flavoured Coffee, though there are many, many more.

Over 70 Other Coffees Available Online

Over 70 Other Coffees Available Online

But, of course, one doesn’t need to limit themselves to Flavoured Coffees, especially when we have around 70 other Coffees to choose from. If you’re looking for variety, or perhaps have decided that flavoured coffees are not for you, then our extensive range will undoubtedly offer something well-suited to your palate.

We also have Organic Coffees, Ethical Coffees, Espresso Coffees and Single Origin Coffees; there are even Decaffeinated Coffees, Coffee Blends and, perhaps most fascinating of all, Chocolate Covered Coffee beans! The choices are nearly endless!

In addition, find out about the Different Types of Coffee, the history of Coffee and the Coffee process; and then once you’ve decided on your new favourite brew, why not check out our Coffee Brewing Guide?

All of our Coffees, including every one of our Flavoured Coffees, are roasted using the latest state-of-the-art Neuhaus Neotec fluidised air-bed system, which primarily uses convection heat transfer to roast the beans. Furthermore, all of our Coffees are packed fresh to order, with “fresh” being the magic word, Buy Coffee Online.

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