Breakfast Coffee

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Available as Wholebeans - Ground Medium Fine for filter machines - Ground Coarse for Cafetieres
Ground Fine for use in Espresso Machines.

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When it comes to getting out of bed in the morning, there is no better “nudge” than our Breakfast Coffee, a medium-roasted Coffee with rich, traditional flavours that aptly suit breakfast time. It is a blend of Brazilian, Costa Rican, Kenyan and numerous other Latin American Arabica bean Coffees, all roasted with the latest state-of-the-art Neuhaus Neotec fluidised air-bed system, which primarily uses convection heat transfer to roast the Coffee.

Our Breakfast Coffee is one of our most popular Coffees, one that also shares a long history with The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company. We have been roasting Coffees for over 30 years and pride ourselves in producing freshly roasted, finest-quality Coffees, all of which are roasted consistently with measures in place to ensure that same quality every time. This is one such Coffee leading the way. It is a versatile beverage suited to a variety of grinds, each tasting as delicious as the last.

The story of the making of this Coffee begins on two separate continents. Coffee was first introduced to Kenya in Africa, in 1893, despite the Coffee plant being native to neighbouring Ethiopia, where Coffee was discovered perhaps over 1,000 years before. After attaining independence from Great Britain in 1963, the Kenyan government built upon the foundations of the then fledgeling Coffee industry, whereby today, Kenyan-grown Coffees are some of the most popular in the world. Often, Kenyan Coffees are grown at elevations higher than 2,000 metres (6,600 feet) above sea level, contributing greatly to many of its characteristic qualities.

Central American Coffees, meanwhile, are most commonly washed arabica Coffees; however, each country has its own distinct microclimate, meaning many of these Coffees differ significantly from one another. Mexican Coffees, for example, are frequently classified as light or medium in body. El Salvadorian Coffees, on the other hand, are predominantly soft-tasting with low acidity. The Central American Coffees used in this blend all compliment each other perfectly, which also ensures consistency.

But our Breakfast Coffee has one unusual quality: it is blended after the roasting, instead of before like most other blended Coffees. Nevertheless, all of its beans are medium-roasted despite their differing colours. Coffee beans pop, crack and expand when subjected to heats between 350 °F – 400 °F, a phenomenon known as the “first crack”. It is often followed by a “second crack” when making a Coffee other than a Light-Medium roast, while our Breakfast Coffee, a medium-roasted Coffee, is made between the first crack and the second crack at heats between 410 °F - 430 °F.

Medium roasts are, arguably, the most common roasts. At the very least, they are an immensely popular choice made by Coffee connoisseurs, their taste best described as well-balanced, low in acidity and notably smooth. Our Breakfast Coffee is, of course, no exception. But don’t just limit yourself to enjoying it first thing in the morning; after all, Breakfast Coffee can be enjoyed throughout the day!

Origin: Brazil, Costa Rica, Kenya, Latin American Arabica.

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