Single Origin Coffee

The term ‘single origin coffee’ essentially means getting to know your coffee, be it from a specific country, region, farm, estate, or on some occasions; even the specific paddock or lot. It is certainly a phrase with a great amount of meaning, and that is exactly why it’s important to understand what makes single origin coffees so special. Ultimately, it's all about traceability; knowing where your coffee comes from is knowing its journey from plant to cup.

As coffee connoisseurs around the world become increasingly more interested in knowing, understanding, and, in turn, cherishing this incredible journey, The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company are wholeheartedly dedicated to providing our customers with each and every fascinating story.     

The pursuit of a higher-quality coffee means exemplary communication. Today, we are seeing more information passed from farmers to roasters; distribution companies to speciality cafes and coffee houses, and then of course on to you, the customer, who now has the opportunity to near enough witness these stories unfold. Behind every coffee is love, dedication, and passion.

The more is understood, the greater the quality and sustainability, as growers, producers, distributors and yes, even baristas strive to uphold the higher standards so closely associated with single origin coffees. This is very much akin to terroir in the wine industry. Take our Nicaraguan Bird Friendly Coffee, for example. This wonderful brew is produced by the Procafe RL cooperative which deals with 90 smallholder farms. These farms are situated in the northern department area of Madriz, next to the border with Honduras. Every single farm produces organic coffees that have been awarded the Bird Friendly Certification from the Smithsonian Institute.

This sort of information is crucial when it comes to Single Origin Coffee, and sometimes even more. Alas, this also means that, to many, not only does the term ‘single origin’ refer to location, but also to the cultivation methods, certifications, and even the people involved in providing you with your favourite, quality beverage. A coffee’s taste profile can be indicative of where it is grown, and how it is produced. Single origin coffees ensure that consumers can learn in impeccable detail as to why their brews taste so good. 

In the fast-paced societies of the 21st Century, many have forgotten or, for the most, simply do not have time to ask questions. That’s okay, as, through we examine each one of our respective single origin coffees, scrutinise the detail, and ensure it is provided in a format that is as informative as possible. Many companies see ‘single origin’ as simply just a reference to a country, and while this is, by rights, an accurate depiction in a very broad sense Whether you are interested in knowing what corner of the earth your coffee comes from, or if you wish to be far more specific; looking into regions, altitudes, estates, standards, and workers - we collect, and we inform.