Breakfast Tea

Breakfast is enjoyed around the world and the only accompaniment to a fine breakfast is a fine tea. Differing waters and differing tastes result in a huge variety of teas named as such. We have a many breakfast teas available.

Traditionalists insist on English Breakfast should be a split between Ceylon Tea and Assam Tea. The variety of Leaf can also vary, we offer both an FOP (Flowery Orange Pekoe) and BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe) version of English Breakfast Tea, this is by far the most popular Breakfast Tea. We also pack the BOP into Tea Bags, English Breakfast Tea Bags and our new Kentish Breakfast 50 Tea Bags.

Irish Breakfast Tea BOP - This is again a blend of Assam Black Tea and Ceylon Black Tea. The Irish taste is for a higher percentage of Ceylon Teas than Assam's creating a bright and malty cup of tea. We produce a large loose leaf (FOP) and a small leaf (BOP) variety.

Welsh Breakfast Tea - is a blend of Assam Black Teas and orthodox loose leaf teas from Kenya. The bright and Fruity notes of the Kenya Black Teas compliment the malty notes of the Assam's perfectly. We produce a large loose leaf (FOP) and a small leaf (BOP) variety.

Scottish Breakfast Tea - The Scot's were renowned tea pioneers travelling across Asia in the 19th Century establishing tea estates, to this day many tea gardens have Scottish names. On returning to Glasgow and the cities of Scotland it was not long before a Scottish Breakfast Tea was created. A blend of Kenyan Teas along with Assam's and Darjeeling tea from India. A very fine balanced Breakfast Tea.

French Breakfast Tea - across the channel the demand from the top tea houses of Paris resulted in very high quality blends of tea. Chinese Keemun Keemun Mao Feng Black Tea blended with top grade Assam Tea. We blend a Superior French Breakfast and a French Breakfast Tea Village Blend  Loose Leaf Tea.

Russian Breakfast Tea - In Russia Tea is a prized commodity and some of the finest grade teas go to Russia. This blend combines high grade Keemun Teas with Kenya Estate orthodox loose leaf teas. Well worth a try ! One of our favourites.

 Indian Breakfast Tea – Tea is grown in India but also it is served on the side of every street throughout the land. Either as a milky cuppa or with spice added to create a Spicy Chai Tea. A blend of high grown Darjeeling Teas and Assam Black loose leaf tas.

Why not blend your own Breakfast Tea ! Many customers buy the different constituents, Assam's, Ceylon's, Kenya's and China Teas in order to mix and match to create a special house tea, always making notes on how the blends are put together and the different results.