Refreshing Tea

Feeling refreshed can mean different things to different people but overall it is the feeling of reinvigorating and being stimulated, giving you a boost of energy and inner sparkle. 

But stimulation doesn't have to come from a cold beverage. Some of the hottest places in the world drink hot tea! Moroccans and other parts of Africa enjoy hot mint tea while India enjoys hot spicy Chai! As hot tea is closer to our body's temperature, it provokes less of a temperature change. This temperature change is one of the reasons why we sweat. 

The feeling of being refreshed can also come from trying something new, that tingles our taste buds and refreshes our senses. And maybe the caffeine helps a little bit... Maybe something like

Mango Bergamot Sencha; fruity and caffeinated, makes a wonderful hot or iced tea!

Making Iced Tea

Use one spoon of tea per cup of water, add the tea and boiling water to a heatproof jug or pitcher, add any flavouring or extras you you like such as; citrus peels, spices or sugars. Let the tea brew for 5 minutes, strain and cool and serve with ice and any garnishes you would like to add; fresh peel, mint leaves, edible flowers or soft fruits.