Chinese Tea

China is a mountainous Tea growing country, covering a vast territory and the Tea growing areas spread over thousands of miles. More than 3.7 million acres are devoted to growing Tea. The best Estates are mainly within the South East of the country, particularly Fujian, Zheliang and Anhui Provinces. Further South is Yunnan Province, where Tea is said to have originated from.

The unique variety of weather and geological conditions of each region, lend themselves to a distinctively different and unique character of each Tea. Teas grown in China
are usually given the name of the place where it was grown.
China Tea Map

Teas from China we Recommend 

Are you lookingto try different teas from China, why not try Bai Mu Dan Organic White Tea or Lucky Dragon Hyson Organic Green Tea if your looking to try somethng with a little addded flavour why not try our Scottish Caramel Toffee Pu erh Tea