Chinese Tea

China has been growing Tea for over 1,000’s years, Chinese Tea has been around since the time of the Song Dynasty. Indeed the original tea plant Camellia Sinensis heralds from China. It has many provinces that have ideal conditions for growing tea especially in the south and south east.

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Over 3.7 million acres are under cultivation for tea. From each Province we get different Types of Tea, from Black and Green Teas, White Teas, Oolong Teas and hand crafted Tea Flowers. We have in stock over 160 Teas from China.

Tea Growing Areas of China

Yunnan Province is in the south west of China, bordering Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar. A mountainous area with a tropical climate, good rainfall levels make it ideal for tea growing.

Yunnan produces very good quality Black Teas, Green Teas and is famous for making the aged Tea Pu erh. One of our favourites is Bamboo Temple Yunnan Tea.

Fujian is the coastal Province next to the South China Sea. In the north of Fujian you find the high Wuyi Mountain range which is famed for the Teas it grows, such as the Wulong (Oolong) semi fermented Teas and the Ying Zhen White Teas. Black Teas such as the smoky favourite Lapsang Souchong, Ching Wo and Golden Monkey Tea.

Anhui Province is further to the North and East. The Yangtze river flows through its heart making it very fertile. In the south of Anhui you find the Huangshen Mountains, synonymous with the growing of Tea. The temperate, misty mountains have good levels of rainfall, a unique microclimate for tea production. From the western county of Qimen you get Keemun Tea, Huang Shen Mao Fengs from the mountains and of course our very special House Sencha Green Leaf Tea.

Zhejiang Province is to the east of Anhui on the East China Sea coastline. From Zhejiang we get the highest quality Dragon Well Green leaf Teas and the famous rolled Gunpowder Green Teas.Chinese Tea Map

Hunan is in central China and is the second largest tea producing Province. A mountainous and hilly area with a warm and temperate climate. Hunan produces many varieties of Jasmine Teas, Mao Jian Black and Green Teas and the very rare Yellow Teas.

Guangxi Province is in the south bordering Vietnam, with a coastline along the South China Sea

A humid, tropical climate creates wonderful conditions for cultivating Tea. The area produces Black Teas, Green Teas and White Teas being especially well known for its Sweet Osmanthus Guangxi Guihua Tea and handcrafted Teas!

Types of Chinese Teas 

Gunpowder Green Tea is the everyday Tea of choice in china. During manufacture the Green Tea leaves are rolled into small pellets, giving the Tea its unique appearance. When you brew Gunpowder Tea the leaves unfurl, hence the expression explode in cup. Gunpowders are used in blending, for example Moroccan Mint Tea.

Keemun Black Teas have a sophisticated character, very aromatic with pleasant malty and sweet taste notes. We pack our own Keemun Tea Bags.

Sencha Green Tea leaves have a flat appearance and when brewed the liquor is soft, vibrant with sweet notes. We manufacture packets of 50 Green Tea Bags using Sencha Tea Bag grade Fannings.

Lapsang Souchong, during the manufacturing process Lapsangs are smoked over wood fires that give them their famous character and smoky taste. We have eight different Teas in stock including our Lapsang Souchong Tea Bags.

Dragon Well Teas are very high quality Green Teas, with a wide flat leaf. Sometimes called “LongJing” these Teas come in three grades, standard, Superior and Toppest.

Oolong Teas are semi fermented and are grown in China as well as across the South China Sea

In Taiwan (Formosa). Oolongs are known for their great medicinal properties, sometimes referred to as a Diet Tea.

White Teas are the least processed, most valuable and expensive Teas grown in China. Only the first spring leaves are used to create these Teas. Our China Ying Zhen Teas are amongst the highest quality White Teas available.

Pu erh Teas are Teas that have been aged. As well as being manufactured as traditional loose tea leaves China produces a great variety of Artisan moulded / shaped Teas, made by compressing tea under huge weights. Pu erh Tea Bricks and Tea Cakes are a beautiful example.

Tea Flowers are uniquely handcrafted in China. Long White and Green Tea Leaves are wrapped around flowers like Chrysanthemums and made into tight balls. Ideally place in a glass teapot and infuse with hot water, as it brews the leaves will unfurl and the flowers rise to make a fantastic display, seeing is believing!




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