Anhui Tea

The beautiful Chinese Province of Anhui lies in Eastern China. This  inland  province  has  the  famous  Yangtze  river  running  through  its  heart, to the north of the river  are the flat plains and to the South the Huang Shan Mountain Range which rise to over 5,900 feet. Green Tea has been grown in Anhui for hundreds of Years  with  Black Tea grown since the late 19th Century.

The  main  tea  growing  districts  lie  to the south  of  the  Yangtze  in  and  around  the  high  Huang  Shan  Mountains. Some  of  the  best  tea  growing  areas  around the  world ( notably  Darjeeling, India ) are from high mountain ranges. Growing  conditions  are  very good  with  rich  soils, a  temperate climate  and  good  rainfall  levels.

The  mountains   atmosphere  is  often  called  the “Sea  of  Clouds”  as  the  clouds  and  mists  roll  in  amongst  the pine  trees,  the  clear  mountain  air  and the fresh  mountain  spring  waters  feeding  the  tea  bushes.

Anhui Map

Famous Teas from the mountains include  Tai Ping Hou Kui and Huang Shan Mao Feng Green Tea translated as “Yellow Mountain Fur Peak”. To the west is Qimen County which has a tea named after it, Keemun Tea. 

Keemuns are some of the most popular teas with the very best teas being picked in the spring, the first two leaves and a bud of the growing season going  to  produce some of the very best quality Teas, for example Keemun Hao Ya  A  and  Keemun Hao Ya B. To the North of the Yangtze are some very fertile lower altitude tea growing districts. Here Green  Teas  and  Yellow  Teas  are  grown  for  including  Huo Shan Huang Ya Yellow Tea, Lu An Gua Pian Green Tea and this is where our Kent Tea Company House Green Sencha Loose Leaf Tea originates.