Nilgiri Tea

Nilgiri tea is grown in the Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu in Southern India. Although Nilgiri Tea is produced from large, factory owned plantations, this only accounts for about 30% of the total tea production, the rest is grown by small independent growers, owning small plots of land.


Nilgiri tea is known for its strong, smooth flavour and rich aroma and it’s often found as a base for a tea blend and used in our tea bags.


The Nilgiri hills receive the highest rainfall in the Country, the dramatic summer monsoons gives the tea a distinct floral character and fresh flavour. Nilgiri teas are excellent when used in an ice tea as they remain clear and don’t turn cloudy like other tea varieties do.


Although the Nilgiri region does produce some orthodox tea, the tea is produced in the traditional manner, either rolled by hand or machine, mimicking hand rolling is the majority of tea produced and processed via the CTC (cut-tear-curl) method, and used in tea blends and for tea bags.


Predominately known for its black tea, some Nilgiri farmers are starting to produce organic tea and green tea to try and move away from the mass produced CTC tea and move towards higher quality orthodox produced speciality teas.


Harvested between December and March, Nilgiri tea is unusual harvested in the winter months, the cold gives the tea a distinctive sweet flavour, with grassy notes and a refreshing taste.


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Why not sample some of the best teas from the Nilgiri hills.