Tea from Vietnam

Vietnamese tea has a long history going back several thousand years and like neighbouring Yunnan Province in China, Vietnam has a large region of ancient tea trees, some of the oldest trees living are 1000 years old or more.

Tea is an important part of everyday life in Vietnam from early morning breakfast tea, to ceremonial tea drunk at weddings and other events, tea is served several times and day and is particularly enjoyed after meals.

Although the Vietnamese people have been drinking tea for thousands of years it wasn’t until the French invasion in the 19th century that production and export of tea started to take off. The French seeing tea as a profitable export grew plantations and with the introduction of Russian machinery managed to increase production and exportation of tea.

Vietnam is the 7th largest exporter of tea in the world after Indonesia. Although all varieties of tea are grown such as black tea and oolong tea, Vietnamese prefer green tea which makes up about 65% of sales, followed closely by floral flavoured white teas such as lotus tea.

Vietnam lotus tea is an ancient speciality tea produced by allowing the aroma of the lotus flower to infuse green tea leaves. This is done by putting tea leaves inside lotus flowers, as the flowers close up for the night the tea leaves are enveloped by the flower and infused with the lotus flower scent. The following morning when the lotus flowers open up, the tea leaves are collected and a refreshing cup of lotus tea can be brewed.

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