Flowering Tea

Flowering Tea, also known as Treasure Tea is carefully, handmade blossoming tea, that unfurls within hot water. They originated in the Fijian province, China. A single experienced person can make up to 400 of these a day.

Dried flowers are inside a layer of hand sewn Green and White Chinese Tea leaves, as the water is slowly absorbed, the tight ball unfolds beautiful Lilies, Jasmine and Chrysanthemums, filling any glass vessel with beautifully delicate tea and a wonderful visual beauty.

How to Brew Flowering tea 

Many flowering teas can be steeped more than once, making them worth the price for the beauty and exquisite delicate taste. Flower Tea is best brewed at 75-80 degrees and left to steep. Once you have enjoyed drinking your tea, they can be left for display purposes for several days in a jug of cold water.

Flowering Teas we Recommend 

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