Fruit Tisanes

The 'Non-Tea' of the Tea world- a blend of fruits, petals and herbs blended together to create caffeine free, relaxing and rejuvenating aromas. As these blends do not contain leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plant, which produces Tea. The terms Tisane comes from the French word for 'herbal infusion'.

Dried fruits, fruit peel, fruit oils, blossoms and spices are used to achieve just the right blend of visual appeal and flavour profile used within Fruit Tisanes. Which means that they are full of vitamins and minerals with potent health boosting properties, with the most potent and common ingredient of these being Hibiscus. It is the Hibiscus that gives the deep red colour and the tart sweetness, it is high it vitamin C, you can read more about tisanes on our Fruit Teas and Tisanes article.