Ginger Green Tea

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Brewing instructions

Brew with water at 75 to 80 degrees and brew for 2 to 3 minutes, be careful not to over infuse

Brewing instructions

Ginger Green Tea is a combination of two much-loved ingredients. The blend consists of Tea from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and China, to which we add zesty ginger for a spicy, herbaceous kick. Better still, we pack it fresh to order here at our Pluckley-based factory, nestled away within the stunning vistas of the Kentish countryside. This is our way of guaranteeing not only quality but also consistency.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that although China Green Tea is immensely popular, Ceylon Green Tea is somewhat of a rarity. As such, choosing this delicious, invigorating infusion ensures you’re getting something special, indeed unique. Whatever your reason for brewing up Ginger Green Tea, you’ve undoubtedly decided exceptionally well. Why not buy it today?

About Ginger Green Tea

The history of Green Tea dates back millennia. Legend has it that an ancient Chinese Emperor named Shennong discovered it in 2737 BCE. Since then, it has gone on to become the second-most consumed beverage in the world after water.

China is but one country to make Green Tea, with others including Japan, Vietnam, Thailand and, of course, Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon).

While Ceylon Green Tea is a relatively new creation, the ginger added to this infusion is perhaps the oldest-used ingredient of them all.

Known botanically as Zingiber officinale, this ever-popular herb is a member of the Zingiberaceae family. Today, India is the largest producer of ginger, which, of course, eventually finds its way into our Ginger Green Tea.

Confucius (551-479 BCE), the renowned Chinese philosopher and teacher, was one of the first to recognises the potential ginger tea benefits. He noted its ability to improve digestion, suggesting that it be present on the table for every meal. Even today, this makes a lot of sense! Combined with Ceylon Green Tea, it makes for a match made in heaven.

Ginger Green Tea Caffeine Content

Ginger, as a standalone herb, is entirely caffeine-free. When added to Green Tea, however, things change. On average, this beverage contains 30-mg of caffeine per 8-oz cup.

It’s worth noting that this is less than both Oolong and Black Tea, which typically boast 35-mg and 40-mg respectively. Regardless, if you’re looking for an extra boost during the day, you’ve chosen well here.

Useful Information

Type of Tea: Loose Leaf Green Tea.

Origin: Tea leaves from China and Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon).

Brewing Instructions: Brew using freshly boiled water left to cool to temperatures between 80 and 90°C. Infuse for 2 to 3 minutes.

How to Serve: Best served without additions, although some add honey or lemon.

Tasting Notes: Embrace grassy overtones and zesty, peppery, herbaceous undertones.

Colour in Cup: Golden-yellow liquor, light in tone.

Benefits of Drinking Ginger Green Tea

Ginger Green Tea, like all types of Green Tea, contains an abundance of antioxidants. Among them is Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is arguably the most health-beneficial chemical compound of all.

Studies establish that it can combat free radicals in the body, the product of natural, though often harmful, human oxidation. In doing this, EGCG in this beverage can help in reducing the risk of developing several chronic conditions. What’s not to like?

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