Keemun Hao Ya B

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Brewing instructions

Brew with fresh boiling water and infuse for 3 to 5 minutes

Brewing instructions

Keemun Hao Ya B is a rare and unique Keemun. In fact, such is its popularity that it seldom makes it outside of China! That's why The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company are proud to stock this indulgent and invigorating China Black Tea.

It is second only to Keemun Hao Ya A, another beverage we stock. This particular brew, however, has many desirable qualities of its own. The leaf is small and neat. Its colour, meanwhile, is black with brown highlights. When brewed, it has a well-rounded taste with a slight nutty character. It also comes with well-documented Keemun Tea benefits.

According to the latest scientific research, this beverage contains a multitude of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants capable of combating free radicals in the body. This can ultimately lead to reduced risks in developing several chronic conditions. This includes, among others, cardiovascular disease.

Furthermore, its blood sugar-balancing abilities can support those living with type-2 diabetes. Best of all, we pack it fresh to order here at our Kent-based factory.

Where Does This Tea Come From?

Keemun Hao Ya B comes from Qimen County, Anhui Province, China. It grows at slightly lower elevations than that of Keemun Hao Ya A. Low temperatures, high humidity and frequent fog contribute significantly to the quality of this Tea. Such conditions in Qimen county make for near-perfect Tea-growing conditions. Our Keemun Hao Ya B is, of course, no exception. In fact, it goes above and beyond to inspire all those who drink it.

Useful Information

Type of Tea: Black Tea.

Origin: Qimen County, Anhui Province China.

Brewing Instructions: Brew using freshly boiled water. Infuse for 3 to 5 minutes.

How to Serve: Milk, sugar, honey or lemon - the choice is yours. Alternatively, serve black.

Tasting Notes: Keemun Hao Ya B consists of woody, earthy flavours with slight smoky undertones.

Colour in Cup: Coppery liquor, light in tone.

Health Benefits of Keemun Hao Ya B

This will put a smile on your face: Keemun Hao Ya B can improve oral health. Research funded by the Tea Trade Health Research Association has suggested that it can reduce plaque formation as well as restrict bacterial growth. And they are not the only ones to say so, either. A collaborative study conducted in conjunction with the College of Dentistry at the University of Iowa and the Institute of Odontology at Göteborg University in Sweden has supported this idea - with evidence.

Participants in the US division used Black Tea to rinse their mouth with for 30 seconds, five times, waiting three minutes between each rinse to simulate the effect of supping a cup of Tea. The Swedish division saw participants rinse their mouth with Black Tea for one minute, ten times a day. Both co-operating studies discovered that the more participants rinsed, the more their plaque and bacteria levels fell.

This is because of polyphenolic compounds present in it that can kill or suppress cavity-causing bacteria from either growing or producing acid. The Tea also affected the bacterial enzymes and prevented the formation of the sticky-like material that binds plaque to teeth.

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    Black Tea
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