Keemun Tea Peony

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Brewing instructions

Brew with fresh boiling water and infuse for 3 to 5 minutes

Brewing instructions

Keemun Tea is one of China's most important Speciality Teas and is grown in the central Chinese province of Anhui. Unlike the history of Tea in its entirety, which dates back to 2737 BCE, Keemun Tea has only been in existence since 1875. The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, meanwhile, have been supplying Keemun Tea since our official establishment in 1982.

To this day, we carefully select only the best of the best. Keemun Tea Peony is one such example, and is notably aromatic with a delicate flavour. Do you, like many, find yourself increasingly health conscious? Consider Keemun Peony Tea and reap the benefits of frequent consumption. This wonderfully tasty and wholesome Black Tea can enhance cognitive function, lower LDL “bad” cholesterol, and reduce the risks of Type II Diabetes, as well as, quite potentially (although not yet certain), cancer. Embrace Chinese Tea at its best with our Keemun Tea Peony.

Keemun Tea is produced exclusively in the Qimen County of the Anhui Province. The name “Keemun” actually derives from “Qimen”. Known for its vast mountain ranges and rich forests, the Qimen County is often subjected to low temperatures, high humidity, and frequent fog. These conditions help to create the distinct taste known and loved in all Keemun Teas, which are often described as particularly mellow, if ever so slightly floral and/or smoky.

The story of Keemun Tea began with a former Chinese civil servant called Yu Guanchen. After facing the shame of losing his job, Yu Guanchen took it upon himself to travel to the Fujian Province in a quest to uncover the secrets of Black Tea consumption. The results far exceeded his expectations, and so Yu endeavoured to utilise his new-found skills in the Anhui Province, an area which, before that point, had been known exclusively for Green Tea.

And so Keemun Tea was born. It soon exploded onto the national market, and then went on to take the global Tea Industry by storm. Keemun Tea was officially recognised in the early 20th century with awards including the Gold prize at the 1913 International Exposition in Italy followed by the Gold prize at the 1915 International Exposition in Panama. The latter half of the 20th century also saw Keemun Tea win the Gold prize at the 26th World Premium Food Product Contest held in Belgium in 1987. Today, Keemun Tea continues to make a name for itself and is often one of the key components found in English Breakfast Tea. Prefer to keep things simple? Not a fan of blended Tea? You needn’t look any further than Keemun Tea Peony, a beverage that prides itself on being nothing but straight-up quality-assured Keemun Tea.

Type of Tea: Loose Leaf Black Tea.

Origin: The Qimen County, Anhui Province, China.

Brewing Instructions: Brew using freshly boiled water and infuse for 3 to 5 minutes.

How to Serve: We recommend this tea served without any accompaniments; however, you may consider lemon, honey, milk or sugar as possibilities.

Tasting Notes: This malty, earthy, sweet infusion is perfect for any and all times of the day.

Colour in Cup: Coppery-red liquor, light in tone.

Health Benefits of keemun Tea: According to a report published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the latest study to uncover correlations between frequent Black Tea consumption and the reduced risk of cognitive decline was recently conducted by experts at the University of Singapore. It stated that 2,500 people aged 55 or over had undergone a test to measure their cognitive function. When the experiment was repeated 2 years later, results established that those who had drunk two to three cups of black tea a day during the 2 year period were 55% less likely to be subjected to cognitive decline. Meanwhile, those who had drunk six to ten cups a day were up to 63% less likely.

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  • Type
    Black Tea
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    Health Points
    Hydration, Refreshing, Relaxing
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    Caffeine Level
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    Loose Tea
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    Breakfast, Afternoon
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