Kentish Espresso Roast 6kg case

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Kentish Espresso Roast 6kg case
Kentish Espresso Roast 6kg case

 A case of freshly Roasted Coffee Beans for your Espresso Machine


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Wholesale Catering Espresso Coffee Beans - 6 Kilo Case.

This is our most popular Kentish Roast espresso coffee. It is a unique blend we have been fine tuning for 25 years. A blend of espresso dark italian roasted colombians with medium roasted Mocha's and Mysore's which we only blend together after roasting to retain the characteristics of each coffee. buy coffee online.

Kentish Espresso Coffee:

Buy Coffee in Kent and worldwide from our online coffee bean shop. We have been roasting coffee for 30 years and pride ourselves in producing freshly roasted finest quality coffees which are consistently roasted.. . quality first!


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