Latin American Coffee Bags

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Our Latin American Coffee Bags are balanced, full-bodied pockets of goodness from start to finish. Made with quality, ease and great taste in mind, these Coffee Bags offer fresh flavours without the hassle of machinery or mess.

They are perfect for picnics and quick work time pick-me-ups, boasting indulgent notes of roasted nuts, dark cocoa and forest fruits.

This is a blend of Brazillian, Colombian, Honduras and Peruvian Coffee - the best of Latin America. It also comes with a sizable amount of caffeine, a natural stimulant capable of combating feelings of tiredness and fatigue.

Whatever your reason for choosing it, be sure to buy from The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company today. You won’t regret making the switch to our Latin American Coffee Bags.

About Latin American Coffee

The term “Latin America” refers to countries and dependencies in Central and South America where locals speak Spanish, Portuguese or French. These regions produce some of the best Coffees in the world, with many nations in this area contributing a significant amount to the industry.

Brazil, for example, is the largest Coffee producer on earth, while Colombia is the fourth.

Both Central and South America are known for their high-quality, washed Arabica Coffee beans. These tend to have heavier aromas, smoother flavours and slightly less caffeine than robusta beans.

They also contain 60% more lipids and almost twice the amount of natural sugars. Coffee connoisseurs most often choose Arabica Beans over robusta beans - which is one reason to pick Latin American Coffee Bags.

Why Choose Coffee Bags?

Coffee Bags have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the relative ease of their making. Unlike Instant Coffee, which is freeze-dried and lacks quality, Coffee Bags are made using only the freshest beans.

Our Latin American Coffee Bags, in particular, have much to offer. Each parcel is a true delight to the senses - without cutting corners!

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4.7 / 5
  1. I have had this coffee for awhile and it continues to be a firm favourite.

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  2. I rated this one as a 4 not 5 because still great coffee but prefer Arabica taste.

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  3. Nice taste of coffee in a bag and convenient

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