Milk Oolong Caramel Tea

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Brewing instructions

Infuse for 2 to 3 minutes with a water temperature between 80 and 90 degrees

Brewing instructions

Milky Oolong Caramel Tea is a new variation on our most popular Milk Oolong. This tea is based on a premium blend of white green and semi fermented loose leaf teas. This is a very special tea with a soft milky aroma and taste. Natural caramel flavour is added to make this a creamy temptation! Ingredients: white tea green tea, half fermented tea and natural flavouring.

Brewing instructions: Brew using boiled water that has cooled to a temperature of between 75 and 80 degrees and infuse for 2 to 3 minutes.

Milky Oolong Caramel Tea

Contains Allergen: lactose

Additional info
  • Type
    Oolong Tea
  • Health Points
    Health Points
    Detox, Digestive, Hydration, Refreshing, Weight Loss
  • Caffeine Level
    Caffeine Level
  • Options
    Loose Tea
  • Time of Day
    Time of Day
    Breakfast, Lunchtime, Afternoon
  • Country
  • Caramel