Modern Loose Tea Strainer

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Modern Loose Tea Strainer
Modern Loose Tea Strainer Modern Loose Tea Strainer

Happy Brewing from the team at Kent & Sussex

We have over 800 different types of Teas and Coffees to fill your cup

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This tea strainer is shaped to fit perfectly in your mug when brewing Loose Leaf Tea. The design accommodates most mug shapes while also offering effortless brewing. Our Modern Loose Tea Strainer, made from stainless steel of the utmost quality, perches on the rim of the mug with the Loose Leaf Tea inside. It’s Tea made simple. And sometimes, simple is best.

But why choose Loose Leaf Tea when one can buy Tea Bags so easily? Buying Loose Leaf Tea, and in turn, a Modern Loose Tea Strainer such as this one, is the choice of traditionalists. While Tea Bags offer convenience, many argue that Loose Leaf Teas offer improved flavour and aroma.

There are many types of tea strainers one can choose to brew Loose Leaf Tea; nevertheless, this is undoubtedly one of the easiest to use and one of the most convenient. No tricks. No Gimmicks. Just put the Tea inside, leave it to steep for a while, see our Tea Brewing Guide for all the Types of Tea.

Loose Leaf Tea is the original way of enjoying Tea. When it was discovered some 5,000 years ago, there were no such things as Tea Bags, after all! So, why not enjoy your morning cuppa’ the way they did thousands of years ago? Loose Leaf Tea has re-emerged in recent years and is becoming increasingly popular all over again. 

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