Nepal Green Tea Mao Feng

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Brewing instructions

Brew with water at 75 to 80 degrees and brew for 2 to 3 minutes, be careful not to over infuse

Brewing instructions

Looking to do your bit for the environment while supporting the tea farmers and workers of Nepal? Choose Organic Nepalese Mao Feng style Emerald Green Tea from the Guranese Tea Garden and give something back to nature at the same time as treating your taste buds. Like any tea deemed “organic”, this beverage is grown and produced using only controlled bio-cultivation methods, meaning it is free from synthetic fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides; this  is not only benefits the tea you drink but also those who pick it.

The Gruanese Tea Estate holds the wellbeing of its workers very high. By choosing Organic Nepali Green Tea  you are choosing to sustain the health of soils and ecosystems while combining tradition with scientific innovation to benefit the environment. And the benefits don’t stop there. Furthermore, this Nepali Green Tea, like any other Green Tea, can help to improve your everyday way of life by lowering “bad” LDL cholesterol, boosting the metabolism, thus enabling the body to burn fat quicker and more efficiently, and even reducing the risks of Type II Diabetes.

The history of tea dates back some 5,000 years ago. Nepali-grown tea, on the other hand, only began in 1863 which, compared with Chinese Tea, is not that long ago! According to some historians, the first teas grown in Nepal coincided with the introduction of tea to the Indian district of Darjeeling. Even more coincidentally, comparisons have long been made between Darjeeling Tea and Nepali Tea in terms of taste. However, while Darjeeling’s Tea Industry flourished in the 19th Century, Nepali Tea struggled to get off the ground.

A dramatic change came in 1950 when a new political movement enabled greater investment in the industry. Since then, Nepali Tea has risen from obscurity and is now a favourite of many tea connoisseurs around the world. Meanwhile, within the country itself, tea is often enjoyed at least twice a day. Mornings usually start with a steaming hot brew to keep the cold from the Himalayan mountains and is repeated again in the afternoon.

Much of the history of Nepali Tea remains unwritten despite its growing demand both nationally and internationally. Will you help to shape it with Organic Green Nepal Tea?

Type of Tea: Guranese Emerald Mao Feng Green Tea,

Origin: Nepal.

Brewing Instructions: Brew using freshly boiled water left to cool to temperatures between 80 and 90 degrees. Following this, infuse for 2 to 3 minutes.

How to Serve: This tea is best served as it is, although lemon or even honey may be considered as optional extras.

Tasting Notes: There is no mistaking this beverage for anything but a Green Tea, which is easily recognised both in taste and aroma. Unlike many Green Teas, however, this Guranese Estate Green Tea production has stronger earthy notes than it does grassy notes. Nevertheless, it is a smooth, heavenly infusion from start to finish and makes a great start to the day come rain or shine.

Colour in Cup: Pale yellow liquor, light in tone.

Health Benefits: All Green Tea varieties are revered for their unmatched health benefits; Organic Green Nepal Tea is certainly no exception! The leaves of this brew undergo minimal processing and no fermentation, thus allowing them to maintain high concentrations of antioxidants, particularly catechins. Gurasnese Estate Green Tea likewise contains a wealth of other beneficial components; beta-carotene, calcium, folic acid, phosphorous, potassium, saponins, and Vitamin C!

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    Green Tea
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    Health Points
    Anti Oxidants, Cholesterol, Detox, Hydration, Immune System, Refreshing, Relaxing, Weight Loss
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    Loose Tea
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