Old Brown Java Coffee

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Available as Wholebeans - Ground Medium Fine for filter machines - Ground Coarse for Cafetieres
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Old Brown Java Coffee is a delectable brew from the Indonesian island of Java. After harvesting, its beans remain in storage for up to two years to fully mature before roasting. This ultimately creates an infusion noted for its marvellous heavy body with little acidity. It also comes with a gentle yet indulgent sweetness well-suited to casual drinkers and connoisseurs alike. 

It is a medium roast, which is one of the most popular and common roasting types. What’s more, and perhaps most importantly, we pack it fresh to order here at our Pluckley-based factory, nestled within the stunning vistas of the Kentish countryside.

This is our way of guaranteeing not only quality but also consistency. What more could you want from your morning cuppa? 

About Coffee from Java 

The Coffee plant originates from Africa, specifically Ethiopia, although it arrived in Indonesia through the Dutch in 1699. Well over a century later, during the 1880s, Coffee flourished in much of the lowlands of the island.

That was until a plant-based disease called Coffee-rust all but destroyed the local industry. As a result, farmers had little choice but to move onto the higher plateaus to sustain their livelihoods.

Yet, as it turned out, this had its benefits. Today, most Java Coffee continues to grow at higher altitudes, which contributes significantly to its exceptional taste and character.

The island is now Indonesia’s largest Coffee producer, best known for its outstanding arabica beans. Other regions that create Coffee in Indonesia include Sulawesi, Flores, East Timor, Bali and Sumatra.

Overall, the country’s Coffee plantations cover an estimated 1.24 million hectares of land, 90% of which is owned by smallholder farmers. Each farmer tends to have 1-2 hectares of land for Coffee-growing, with harvesting taking place between June and October.

Buying Old Brown Java Coffee from us supports the lives and families of these humble workers. 

Origin: Java, Indonesia. 

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