Peppermint Tea

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Brewing instructions

Brew with fresh boiling water and infuse for 3 to 5 minutes

Brewing instructions

What happens when you combine everyone’s favourite tea with their favourite herb?  Our very own Peppermint Black Tea, of course. Not to be confused with our Peppermint Herbal Tea, which does not contain any leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant, this particular beverage is, in fact, the best of both worlds. By this, we mean you can enjoy the malty goodness of black tea with the healthy herbaceous flavours of peppermint.

We can’t think of a better match, and yet there is so much more to this brew, both in taste and in terms of its incredible health benefits. Peppermint Black Tea offers a fascinating complexity with every sip. It likewise provides the avid consumer with improved oral health, enhanced cognitive function, and weight loss capabilities, and this is just to name a few.

In order to make this brew as tasty as it is, leaves from Ceylon as it is known in the tea industry, although today, it is recognised as Sri Lanka tea are used in the blending process. The history of Ceylon Tea was actually the product of decades of coffee production throughout the country. This was until the 1870’s, when the Ceylon coffee industry suffered great losses at the hands of a disease known as coffee rust. Eventually, this gave rise to a new and at the time, largely experimental Ceylon tea industry, which not only flourished, but also proceeded to gain repute as one of the world’s finest teas.

A leading pioneer in the Ceylon Tea industry was a Scotsman called James Taylor, who originally arrived in Ceylon in 1852. Just over 10 years later, in 1867, James Taylor cleared 19 acres of forest in the District of Hewaheta Lower to plant the first tea seedlings. This, of course, coincided with the period in which the coffee industry in Ceylon had begun to wane dramatically. From then onwards, Ceylon Tea had room to grow, both literally and figuratively. Today, tea to originate from Sri Lanka remains extremely popular.

The peppermint extract found in this tea has an equally interesting history. Perhaps most interesting of all, however, is its mythical origins. In Ancient Greece, peppermint was thought to have been created by Persephone, wife of the underworld God, Hades. According to the myth, Hades had once seduced a nymph by the name of Minthe while travelling on his golden chariot near the Cocytus River. When Persephone heard of the encounter she became enraged and in her jealousy, turned Minthe into a plant that people would constantly walk on. Saddened by his wife’s interference, Hades imbued the plant with peppermint so whenever the plant was crushed underfoot, it would release a wonderful aroma. Hades had hoped that by doing this, people would remember Minthe and recall how beautiful and full of life she had been.

In terms of archaeological findings, dried peppermint leaves have recently been discovered at the Giza Pyramids, which have since been carbon dated back to 1,000BC. Meanwhile, it has also been established that the Romans grew mint and peppermint in their gardens for its medicinal qualities. It was during this time that the Roman scientist and historian, Pliny the elder (23-79 CE), recorded that peppermint was also used to flavour sauces and wines. As true as this may be, here at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, we prefer its use in tea!

Type of Tea: Loose Leaf Black Tea.

Brewing Instructions: Brew using freshly boiled water and infuse for 3 to 5 minutes.

How to Serve: Lemon is perhaps the most popular choice of accompaniment with this brew; however; we believe it to be best served as it is.

Tasting Notes: Prominent peppermint notes are the first to reach the palate. This is followed by subtle malty undertones and then a strong minty-fresh aftertaste to finish.  

Colour in Cup: Coppery liquor, dark in tone.

Health Benefits of Peppermint Tea: Don’t wait for New Year’s Day to start afresh. Instead, pick up our delicious Peppermint Black Tea and make a change in your life, no matter the season! Black Tea is a relatively understated beverage in terms of its weight loss capabilities. This is largely because of Green Tea which has largely dominated the news in recent years.

However, this does not mean Black Tea can’t also help you to lose weight. Far from it, in fact. One study published in the European Journal of Nutrition looked specifically at four different groups of mice, broken up by the type of diet they consumed. Some also consumed black tea extracts, while others consumed green tea extracts. After four weeks, researchers discovered that the mice that consumed the black tea had lost as much weight as those who had consumed the green tea.

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