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Brewing instructions

Brew with fresh boiling water and infuse for 3 to 5 minutes

Brewing instructions


Peppermint Black Tea is one of our most popular flavoured infusions. It’s the product of blending two of the world’s most popular ingredients: Ceylon Black Tea and peppermint herbal tea. The results are extraordinary. When brewed, this beverage has a distinct malty flavour with bold, herbaceous undertones. There is nothing quite like it.

There are also, according to some studies, health benefits to be had from drinking Black Tea regularly. Research suggests that, among other qualities, it can improve cardiovascular health and reduce diabetes risks. Other potential Black Tea benefits include a boosted immune system, digestive support and even weight loss.

About Peppermint Herb

Peppermint comes from the aromatic, rhizomatous perennial plant botanically known as Mentha piperita. It’s a natural hybrid of watermint (Mentha aquatica) and spearmint (Mentha spicata). This herb contains an abundance of essential oils, including menthol, menthone and menthyl acetate. Combined, these compounds create an unmistakably minty flavour when consumed.

According to Greek myth, Peppermint came into existence through Hades, the God of the underworld. Legend has it that Hades seduced a nymph named Minthe while travelling on his golden chariot near the Cocytus river. When his wife Persephone found out, she became enraged. Out of jealousy, she turned Minthe into a plant that people would constantly walk on.

Saddened by his wife’s interference, Hades imbued the plant with what we today know as Peppermint. As a result, whenever anyone trampled on top it, the plant realised a wonderful aroma. Today, many choose to instead brew it as a Herbal Tea.

Ceylon Black Tea in this Blend

The base ingredient of this beverage is Ceylon Black Tea. This comes from the island nation of Sri Lanka, located in the Bay of Bengal just below India. Until 1869, Sri Lanka, then known as Ceylon (a British colony), grew only Coffee. However, a plant-based diseased called Coffee-rust all but destroyed the Ceylonese economy. Ceylon Tea took its place.

Today, Sri Lanka's Tea estates cover an estimated 4% of the island’s landmass. This Tea-growing land lies mostly in the districts of Kandy, Uva (technically a province), Nuwara Eliya and Dimbula. Peppermint Black Tea is just one of a multitude of Ceylon Tea choices available here at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company. None, however, are quite like this one.

Useful Information

Type of Tea: Black Tea.

Origin: Ceylon (Sri Lanka).

Brewing Instructions: Brew using freshly boiled water. Infuse for 3 to 5 minutes.

How to Serve: Some add lemon, but most enjoy Peppermint Black Tea served without additions.

Tasting Notes: This is a well-balanced infusion from start to finish. The combination of malty notes and minty notes makes for a match made in heaven.

Colour in Cup: Coppery liquor, dark in tone.

Health Benefits of Peppermint Black Tea

Boosting the metabolism of fat cells which enables the body to burn fat quicker and more efficiently. In turn, this translates to periods of moderate exercise producing better, perhaps even more noticeable results.

It’s worth noting, however, that it can’t do all of the work for you. One must abide by a healthy and active lifestyle for this Black Tea Benefit

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