Pluckley Tea 125g Loose Tea

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Brewing instructions

Brewed with water at 90 Degrees, let the flower unfurl do not remove flower. This is can be steeped a number of times.

Brewing instructions

This is a blend of Assam and Kenya Tea, one considered our 'flagship' brew. Pluckley Tea offers a refined maltiness in cup, combined with sweet, slightly earthy undertones. When consumed alongside a healthy and active lifestyle, it can also provide Black Tea benefits.

Assam Tea in Pluckley Tea

A Scotsman named Robert Bruce discovered Tea growing in Assam, India, in 1823. Since then, the country hasn't looked back. Today, it has a thriving Tea Industry unlike any other, with the state of Assam accounting for 55% of the country's total Tea output.

The northern Himalayas, the Brahmaputra plains and the Deccan plateau surround the region of Assam, creating one of the richest biodiversity zones in the world. It experiences heavy rainfall (2,500-3,000 mm annually) and high humidity throughout the year. These make perfect conditions for growing Assam Tea.

Kenya Tea in Pluckley Tea

Kenya Tea comes from the same variety of Tea plant (Camellia sinensis var assamica) as Assam Tea. A Briton named G.W.L. Caine first planted Tea in Kenya in 1903. However, this was only for ornamental purposes! It wasn't until 1918 that another Briton named Arnold Butler McDonell saw the potential in a Kenyan Tea Industry. Like India, the country hasn't looked back since.

Of the 550,000 Tea farmers in Kenya today, most are small estate owners. Kenya Tea grows mostly in the highlands west of the Rift valley at high altitudes between 1,500 and 2,700 metres. The Kericho region, in particular, has an important part to play in the Kenya Tea industry. This is in addition to the highlands east of the Rift valley and much of central Kenya.

History of Pluckley Tea

When did Kenya Tea and Assam Tea meet to make Pluckley Tea? Mr Richard Smith, the owner of The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, returned from living in India in the 1970s. He brought back with him chests of 10,000 Tea Bags.

With his mother, Mrs Janet Smith, as well as a few others, Richard packed these Tea Bags into packages of 40 or 80. This ultimately became Pluckley Tea. And like Assam; and like Kenya, we haven't looked back since, either! Pluckley Tea remains our most popular Tea today.

Type of Tea: Black Tea.

Origin: Blend from Assam, India and Kenya, East Africa.

Brewing Instructions: Brew using freshly boiled water. Infuse for 3 to 5 minutes.

How to Serve: Many choose to drink this Tea without accompaniments. However, many more enjoy it with milk or sugar, sometimes even honey or lemon!

Tasting Notes: Pluckley Tea boasts a maltiness like no other. It makes a refreshing cuppa' morning, afternoon or evening.

Colour in Cup: Deep coppery liquor with ruby highlights, light in tone.

Health Benefits

One of the main reasons we drink Tea is to feel relaxed. But did you know there is science to support this? One recent study noted that chronic stress disrupts sleep and blood sugar levels. This then leads to increased hunger and combating eating. Eventually, side effects like these escalate, leading to further disrupted sleep, even higher levels of stress and even more disrupted blood sugars. In time, this doesn't just cause unhealthy levels of body fat but also increases the risk of type-2 diabetes. Stopping stress at the source is the potential answer. And what could possibly be more relaxing than a nice, hot cup of Pluckley Tea?

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