Rain Forest Alliance Espresso Roast Coffee

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Available as Wholebeans - Ground Medium Fine for filter machines - Ground Coarse for Cafetieres
Ground Fine for use in Espresso Machines.

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Our Rainforest Alliance Espresso Roast Coffee is a testament to the ever-increasing sustainable practices within the worldwide Coffee Industry. In choosing this well-crafted Coffee blend, one is making a commitment to the welfare of our planet by supporting a growing network of farmers, foresters, communities, scientists, governments, environmentalists and businesses - including The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, all of whom are dedicated to conserving biodiversity and ensuring sustainable livelihoods.

After all, we all want to do “our bit” for the environment, and one can do just that from the comfort of their own home with our Rainforest Alliance Espresso Roast Coffee. Arguably, the best quality of our Rainforest Alliance Espresso Roast Coffee is the fact that it tastes great. It is a full-bodied beverage with exotic tastes, combining a range of acidic elements to offer a sweet yet delicate tingle on the palate. So, as well as being beneficial to the planet, our Rainforest Alliance Espresso Roast Coffee is likewise beneficial to your taste buds. Buy today and be part of the change.

A sizable proportion of this Coffee originates from El Salvador, the smallest and most densely populated country in Central America, with the rest originating from the South American country of Brazil. El Salvadorian Coffees, which are predominantly washed-processed arabica bean Coffees, most commonly grow at altitudes between 1,200 and 1,500 metres above sea level.

Harvesting takes place between October and March, the beans of which often being sweet, well-rounded and slightly chocolatey with bright acidity. However, in recent years, El Salvador’s Coffee Industry has suffered from political instability in the country. Only now has the Industry recovered, thus regaining its reputation for being able to produce some of the best gourmet Single Origin Arabica Coffees in Central America.

With thousands of El Salvadorian Coffees to choose from, why select a Rainforest Alliance Coffee? The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organisation taking tremendous steps in building strong forests, healthy agricultural landscapes and flourishing communities through creative, pragmatic collaboration.

It is the potential answer to a multitude of issues, including recent statistics that suggest we’re losing 123,000 acres of forest and gaining 134 million metric tons of greenhouse gases, daily. The time is now to act. We need fewer words and more action if we’re to support and sustain our planet. It may be a small step in the whole scheme of things, yet choosing our Rainforest Alliance Espresso Roast Coffee is, at least, one step in the right direction.

Origin: El Salvador and Brazil (Rainforest Alliance Certified).

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