Guatemalan Maragogype Elephant Coffee

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Guatemalan Maragogype Coffee. This Central American country produces some striking high grown mountain coffees. This is the famous ELEPHANT BEAN which is known to be the largest green bean of all. Medium roasted coffee with full body and flavour. A Finest quality arabica coffee available as beans or ground to order. In recent years the production of Maragogype has been very limited and availability rare. We are very pleased to have this coffee back on our roasting list.

Guatemalan Maragogype Elephant Bean Coffee.

Type and Origin: High Grown Washed Coffee from Guatemala, Central America.

Altitude: 1,000 to 2,000 metres.

Taste: Smooth mellow notes with slight acidity. A good daytime coffee.

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The name Mara in Maragogype originates from the Brazilian town of Maragogipe. The Maragogype is a variety of Arabica that is noted for being very large. Elephant Beans can be found in other central american countries, for example in Nicaragua they have the Pacamara Bean.

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  • Содержание кофеина
    Содержание кофеина
  • Время дня
    Время дня
    Утро, Ланч
  • Страна
    Central America
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