Tea Brewing Guide

When brewing tea it is important to keep a few things in mind before you brew any type of tea, take the time to read our Tea Brewing Guide to get that perfect cup of tea..

1. Always use the best quality teas available to you.

2. Keep your Teas stored correctly, an airtight container kept at room temperature is best.

3. Always draw fresh water before boiling and never reboiled water as the oxygen in fresh water draws out more flavour from the tea. This could be the difference between a bright, vibrant cup of tea and a a dull brew.

4. Measure the tea you are using correctly, all teas and coffees have different measurements. Using the correct measurements will ensure a more enjoyable brew.

5. As an old fashioned guide it was always said a teaspoon per person and one for the pot for preparing tea.

6. Let the Tea brew for the advised time and temperature; green tea, black tea, fruit tea and herbal tea all require different steeping times, we have brewing guidelines on all of our teas online.

Brewing Guide for Black Tea

Many tea drinkers enjoy adding milk and sugar to their black tea, some enjoy a spoon of honey to balance the mild bitterness, a squeeze of lemon to accentuate the astringency or as it is- however you take your tea, these tips will create a better brew;

• 1 teaspoon per person and one for the pot
• At a temperature of 85⁰-95⁰c
• For 3-5 minutes depending on personal preference

Brewing Guide for Green Tea

A lot of people tell us that they dislike green tea and matcha green tea, our answer to this is simple, our green tea brewing guide? of course, it may just not be your cup of tea (excuse the pun) but more often than not, the water temperature is too high or it is over brewed.

• At a temperature at 60⁰- 70⁰c to prevent the leaf burning,
• For the period of 90 seconds – 2 minutes.
• 1-2 teaspoons of tea per person and one for the pot.

Green tea can be steeped more then once. However, it is important to remember that for each steep to leave it longer each time and to be aware that after the first steep, tea loses 80% of its caffeine.

Brewing Guide for Pu erh Tea

It is recommended for Pu erh Tea to use a clay or cast iron teapot, however a modern one will do just fine!

The Pu erh leaf can produce up to 10 cups of tea, although it can be an expensive tea, it can be very good value for money. Using 5-6 grams (3 table spoons) per 150ml.

• The leaves should be rinsed under running water before the first steep
• And using freshly boiled water allow to steep
• 25 seconds the first steep
• 30 seconds the second
• 35 seconds the third
• 40 seconds the fourth
• 45 seconds the fifth
• 50 seconds the sixth,
• 55 seconds the seventh
• 60 Seconds the eighth
• 90 seconds the ninth

As your experience with Pu'erh grows, try increasing the steeping times by ten- fifteen seconds, view our blog on pu erh tea health benefits.

Brewing Guide for White Tea

The brewing guidelines for white tea can differ from each variety, so ensure that you follow the instructions on the packet.

• Bring freshly drawn water from the boil and leave to cool to 70-80 degrees, to be sure to not burn the leaf and create a bitter taste.
• We tend to use a table spoon to measure white tea as the leaf can be large and use one per person and one for the pot.
• Allowing the tea to steep for no longer then 3 minutes.

Brewing Guide for Rooibos Tea

When brewing rooibos tea, use the water straight off the boil- the hotter the better! Or alternatively you can boil rooibos tea on the hob. Having a very low amount of tannin means that this tea does not stew or become bitter.

Allowing a teaspoon of tea for each person and a spoon for the pot. The traditional South African recipe, says that the longer this tea is left to brew, the better it tastes, more antioxidants and goodness you get from it! Best brewed for 5-7 minutes. Adding milk and sugar to taste or even honey and lemon. Rooibos Tea makes a great iced tea as well as a hot tea.

Brewing Guide for Herbal Tea and Fruit Tisanes

fruit tisanes and Herbal Teas are best brewed for longer, we suggest around 7-10 minutes, this allows all the goodness and flavour to be released, as these teas do not contain any Camellia Sinensis they will not go bitter if brewed for too long.

Best with water straight off the boil and using the same measurements as you would with only of the other teas- one tea spoon per person and one for the pot, follow our Tea Brewing Guide and this will result in the perfect cup of tea.