Tea Caddy Spoon

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This stylish and elegant Tea Caddy Spoon harks back to a bygone era of Victorian-esque class and sophistication. They once showcased one's prosperity and wealth, but now they're just useful! Indeed, our silver-plated measuring spoon, whether you're wealthy or not, prosperous or not, will undoubtedly meet your Loose Leaf Tea needs!

A Brief History of the Tea Caddy Spoon

Short-handled caddy spoons first arrived in England in the 1770s. This coincided with the rise of British adoration for Tea. Similar to today, these caddy spoons, with their intricately patterned designs, fitted into one's caddy for safekeeping perfectly.

During this period, Tea caddy spoons came in many shapes and sizes. The late Georgian era saw many such spoons designed to mimic a scallop shell. Later, more elaborate design motifs emerged. These often depicted birds and flowers, with the handles being made out of bone or mother of pearl. Silversmiths and goldsmiths also began producing their own 'take' on this utensil.

By the 19th Century, novelty caddy spoons shaped like acorns, fish, shovels, thistles and even jockey caps became popular. Today, such novelty items remain popular as fascinating antiques. By the 20th Century, however, popular demand for Tea Caddy Spoons decreased significantly. This was mostly because of the creation of the Tea Bag, which took the world by storm.

Today, Loose Leaf Tea has again become popular. Its resurgence has, in turn, given rise to a new-found fascination for Tea Caddy Spoons. Here at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, we have all the items one needs to explore the world of Loose Leaf Tea. Why not start here with our quality-assured Tea Caddy Spoon?