Tea Strainer

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Happy Brewing from the team at Kent & Sussex

We have over 800 different types of Teas and Coffees to fill your cup

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A Tea Strainer is just the beginning. Choosing this item kick-starts your journey into the world of Loose Leaf Tea. In everyday life, it appears that most of us just 'don't have the time'. We have jobs to get to first thing in the morning. We have to pick the kids up from school. We have to do this and that (and 'this' again). For these reasons, most people today choose Tea bags for sheer convenience. However, you can be the exception to this so-called 'rule'.

Using a Tea Strainer isn't as time-consuming as many believe. This is, indeed, a common misconception. One uses a Tea Strainer by placing it over a mug or Teacup. Then, once places the Loose Leaf Tea of their choice in the Tea Strainer. Following this, all that is left to do is pour hot water into the cup while allowing time for infusion. It's as simple as that! Here at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, we can't help but ask: what is the fuss all about?

Choosing Loose Leaf Tea doesn't mean that one has to sacrifice vast quantities of time. Choosing Loose Leaf Tea means choosing quality; choosing efficiency; choosing exemplary taste. Many Tea Connoisseurs suggest that Loose Leaf Tea provides a better flavour in cup over Tea Bags. Why not find out for yourself with this very Tea Strainer?

And once you have this item, why not explore our vast selection of Loose Leaf Teas? The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company pack all of our Teas, Tisanes and Coffees fresh to order here in our Pluckley-based factory. This ensures not only quality, but also consistency! What more could you possibly want from your morning cuppa'?

Measurements: Metal Tea Strainer with holder. 5. 5cm Diameter.