Wulong Choice Chinese Oolong Tea

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Brewing instructions

Infuse for 2 to 3 minutes with a water temperature between 80 and 90 degrees

Brewing instructions

Wulong Choice Chinese Oolong Tea is not just a name. It is a “choice” made by many, including many here at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company. Grown in the Wuji mountain range of the Fujian province, China, our Wulong Tea is of the highest quality, offering tastes like no other. But as well as being a delicious Tea enjoyed any time in the day, this is also a healthy Tea, according to the latest scientific research.

When consumed as part of an already healthy and active lifestyle, Wulong Choice Chinese Oolong Tea can improve digestive system health, boost the metabolism, support the immune system and reduce the risks of developing type-2 diabetes. It is no falsehood to say that Wulong Choice Chinese Oolong Tea, as well as Teas like it, can improve your everyday way of life providing certain other measures are in place. Is it time you tried our Wulong Choice Chinese Oolong Tea? We know so.

But What is Oolong Tea? And where does it come from? Oolong Tea is a semi-fermented Tea, meaning its processing lies between Green Tea and Black Tea. In many ways, it is the “middle-way” of the Tea world. However, no one knows for sure its origins despite there being numerous tales of old. One such tale, the oldest of them all, suggests that Oolong Tea was created to suit the developing tastes of the Royal Court during the Song Dynasty (906-1279 CE). Emperors of the time were presented with “tribute Teas”.

In particular, the Beiyuan Tea garden in Fujian was renowned for producing a compressed Tea cake with an imprint of a phoenix and a dragon. But as Loose Leaf Teas grew increasingly popular, workers at the Beiyuan Tea Garden, keen to maintain their presence in the Royal Court, decided to change direction, producing a darker Loose Leaf Tea. The Tea was named “Wulong”, meaning “Black Dragon”, and over the course of time, “Wulong” became “Oolong”, or so the story goes.

There is another story, one focused on the escapades of a Tea farmer confronted by a deadly snake. According to this legend, the Tea farmer in question saw the serpent and made a hasty retreat, dropping the harvested Tea leaves in the process. When he returned the following day, he found that the leaves had oxidised.

The farmer decided to brew the leaves, the result being unexpected yet delicious. As such, the Tea was named after the serpent that chased him, Wu Long. But another version of this tale depicts a deer, not a snake. Instead, the Tea farmer saw the deer while harvesting his leaves; this time carried in a basket on his back.

He decided to hunt the creature, trudging through the forest, the leaves on his back being shaken and bruised in the process, causing them to oxidise. Like the other theory, the Farmer tried the infusion and was pleasantly surprised, but unlike the other theory, the Tea was named after the farmer himself, whose nickname was Black Dragon, i.e. Wulong.

Which story do you believe? Perhaps none of them! Regardless, Oolong Tea is becoming increasingly popular today, despite its uncertain origins. In China, Oolong Tea is often known as “Chinese Restaurant Tea” owing to its high demand among diners in the country. In the west, meanwhile, Oolong Tea has only recently broken through into the market, our Wulong Choice Chinese Oolong Tea being one such Oolong Tea leading the way.

Type of Tea: Loose Leaf Oolong Tea.

Origin: The Wuyi Mountains, Fujian province, China.

Brewing Instructions: Brew using freshly boiled water left to cool to temperatures between 80 and 90 degrees. Following this, infuse for 3 to 3 minutes. 

How to Serve: Consider honey or lemon, or serve as it is.

Tasting Notes: Wulong Choice Chinese Oolong Tea consists of bold earthy aromas and toasty notes. Surprisingly, the trained palate may also pick up grassy undertones, which is an uncommon trait for an Oolong Tea, but one most welcome nonetheless.

Colour in Cup: Pale coppery liquor, light in tone.

Health Benefits: Wulong Choice Chinese Oolong Tea is an excellent choice of beverage for improved weight management. By boosting the metabolism, Wulong Choice Chinese Oolong Tea can assist the body in burning fat quicker and more efficiently, which in turn can help one to lose weight.

Furthermore, one 2003 study saw Oolong Tea given to volunteers alongside hyperglycaemic drugs, resulting in the improvement of balancing blood sugars and the prevention of sudden drops and spikes, more so than without Oolong Tea. As such, some scientists have suggested that the frequent consumption of Oolong Tea can reduce the risks of developing type-2 diabetes.

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