Many people might be familiar with Mayfair, a famously affluent area, due to its association with the Monopoly board game. Others know this popular London location, situated in the West End, for being an excellent place to stop for lunch.

Below, you will find several establishments where you can get the best Afternoon Tea in Mayfair. Don’t settle for second-best. Settle for a second helping of scones, sandwiches and cake – all washed down with a nice, hot brew. What more could you want from a wonderful day out? Waste not a minute longer!

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Mayfair finds itself near the eastern edge of Hyde Park, in the city of Westminster, between Oxford Street, Regent Street, Piccadilly and Park Lane. It has acquired a reputation for being one of the most expensive districts in London and, indeed, in the world.

Don’t let that put you off having an Afternoon Tea in Mayfair, however, as this costliness refers predominantly to housing.

Interestingly, before the early 18th century, Mayfair was little more than rural land. It later became well known for the annual “May Fair” that took place from 1686 until 1764 (hence its name!).

The years following saw much of the area transformed into upper-classing housing. After the decline of the British aristocracy, however, Mayfair became more commercial.

Today, there are dozens of lovely ‘upmarket’ shops, restaurants and, indeed, Afternoon Tea Mayfair venues well worth visiting.