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The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company is the trading name of the UK private company "The Kent Tea and Trading Company". The business was established in 1982 by the Smith Family on their return to Kent from India and is based in the village of Pluckley in the heart of the English County of Kent. The company includes "The Sussex Tea Company ltd" and "Tea and Coffee dot com ltd".

We are located in an Old Flax Mill and Dutch Barn on the rural industrial estate known as "Pivington Mill" which is situated off the Egerton Road which runs along the Kentish Downs ridge between the villages of Egerton and Pluckley which is renown as the most haunted village in England.

We are a Tea and Coffee Importer, Packer and coffee and Tea Wholesaler. We produce a range of over 1,000 products including Loose Leaf Teas, Tea Bags and Fresh Roast Coffee. We supply Wholesalers, Caterers, Retail Shops and Private individuals. In Kent and Sussex we deliver with our fleet of vans offering a regular quality friendly service and by courier to the rest of the United Kingdom. We can be found on Tea and Coffee menus throughout the South East and much further afield. We welcome trade and private enquiries. If you are feeling adventurous we do have a shop at our factory where you can purchase teas and coffees from our range.

Our main brands of Kentish Tea and Kentish Roast Coffee sit beside our Flagship "Pluckley Tea", a special blend for the waters of Kent and our "Sussex Tea" Original Kenya Blend for the different waters and tastes of Sussex. All products are packed to order, nothing is off the shelf.

We pack sample pack sizes from 30 grams up to trade pack sizes of 1 kilo, so very fresh ! We also offer a bespoke blending service if you wish to create your own special Tea or Coffee Blend for serving and selling.

We employ 15 local people from our surrounding villages which helps support our rural community here in the heart of Kent.

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