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Tea has been consumed in Asian cultures since as far back as 3,000 BC, but the drink did not become popular in England until the 1600s. Soon, it became one of the most popular beverages in all the Realm, forming one of the bedrocks of the Empire and our unique culture and way of life. British merchants peddled brewing leaves to every corner of Europe, amassing uncountable fortunes.

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British soldiers drank it mixed with gunpowder and rum rations to warm themselves on the cold, rainy night before the battle of Waterloo. Lords and ladies even made drinking tea into a fashionable, festive occasion when the Duchess of Bedford popularised ‘afternoon tea’ in 1840. Today, we drink it at work on breaks or with friends and family.

For those wanting to continue this unique British tradition, we have a great variety of tea to every taste and budget. So, if you’re still looking where to buy tea online in the UK, The Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee Company is the best option for you. We have over 1000 of selections from all over the world that can be sipped at breakfast, afternoon tea, or for therapeutic purposes.

Why you should choose our online tea shop

The Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee Company has a variety of bold flavours that will suit any taste or occasion. In our inventory we have:  

  • Ayurveda Tea. Blend of therapeutic Indian spices you can enjoy all day long.

  • Black Tea. A great way to start your morning.

  • Chai Tea. Special blend of invigorating black and Indian herbs and spices.

  • Flavoured Tea. A variety of special flavours for all tastes.

  • Flowering Tea. A unique blend that will bloom before your very eyes.

  • Fruit Tisanes. Combination of flower petals, fruits, and herbs.

  • Green Tea. A special mixture of the very best Chinese and Japanese herbs.

  • Herbal Tea. Fusion of peppermint, chamomile, and other tasty herbs and spices.

  • Matcha Tea. Finely grounded green tea powder.

  • Oolong Tea. A happy medium between green and black tea.

  • Organic Tea. Grown and processed naturally and ethically.

  • Pu erh Tea. Aged to increase its taste and aroma.

  • Rooibos Tea. Unique combination of South African herbs and spices.

  • White Tea. Good for the body and soul.

With these remarkable, flavorful blends harvested from every corner of the world, you will be able to treat yourself and your friends to a uniquely delicious hot beverage. These selections are ready for your table only at the finest online tea shop in the UK.

Buy tea from the finest collection in Great Britain

If you do not know where to buy tea in the UK, look no further than The Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee Company. You will not find a better selection of tea anywhere else. If you want to place an order, make an enquiry, or leave a comment, please contact us by phone or fill out the form on our website. Our sales representatives will be glad to hear from you.

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