Our Heritage


The Kent Tea & Trading Company is a family tea company established in 1982. Three generations of the Smith family have been involved in the tea trade in the Indian regions of Assam, Darjeeling and Calcutta. Grandfather Robert Stammers and his wife Madeline Stammers went to India in the 1920s where Robert was a tea planter for over thirty years, ultimately managing the famous Behora Tea Estate in Assam.

Their daughter Janet married Mr Malcolm Smith and together, they continued working in the tea trade managing one of India’s largest tea plantation companies based in Calcutta.

On returning to England, the baton was passed on to son Richard who together with mother Janet, continue the fine tradition of supplying clients with the finest teas and coffees. A lovely reminder of the times is The Tea Planters Poem:

To planter friends I lift a glass

To you, who've kept alive

The memory of planters past

Across dark moors of time

To you who know this simple truth

And show it near and far

It is the tales we tell ourselves

That make us who we are

So let us drink to the tea trade

Its sorrow and its solace

And lift our glasses in the air

To you and whosoever else

And to the trade that bears the tea name

My sisters and my brothers

I'd rather be a tea man in your eyes

Than an accountant in any others.

The Sussex Tea Company and The Kent Tea & Trading Company combined forces in 2005 to become The Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee Company. Our reputation for the being merchants of the highest quality teas and coffees continues to grow.

With the many years of the Smith Family involved in the tea industry we have put together over 1000 different loose leaf teas and a collection of 65 coffees from around the World.

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