Darjeeling Tea

Known as the champagne of tea, Darjeeling Tea is one of the world’s most popular teas. It takes its name from the region in Darjeeling, West Bengal in India and it was here that the tea plant was introduced by Arthur Campbell in 1841. Although it is an Indian tea, Darjeeling Tea Leaves are grown from Chinese tea plants which gives it a lighter, more delicate flavour than teas grown from the Assam Tea plantations which is more common across the rest of India.


Darjeeling Loose Tea is most often thought of as a Black Tea but there are also Green Tea, Oolong Tea and white tea varieties produced in the region. Darjeeling tea Darjeeling Map leaves are harvested at different times throughout the year.


The harvesting is known as flushes of which there are three main ones per year. Darjeeling First Flush Tea is picked between March and May and has a very light, delicate colour and flavour. Darjeeling Second Flush tea is picked between June and August and has a deeper colour and is a more fruity flavour of tea. Darjeeling third flush tea or autumn flush tea has an even deeper colour and delicate flavour.


Two further flushes are sometimes harvested, one between the first and second, and one between the second and third flushes. However, these two in-between harvests are considered lower quality and generally used for tea blends or Darjeeling tea bags.


We stock a wide range of pure Darjeeling tea including Darjeeling Green Tea, Darjeeling Oolong Tea and Darjeeling White Tea varieties. We have the best selection of first and second flush Darjeeling teas available in loose leaf and tea bags.


Brewing Guide for Darjeeling Tea 

For the perfect cup of Darjeeling tea use boiling water at 100 degrees Infuse your tea leaves for 3 to 5 minutes



Here is one of our Darjeeling Loose Leaf Teas    Darjeeling Wet Leaves    Darjeeling Liquor

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