Loose Leaf Tea

For some, the difference between loose leaf tea and tea bags it may not be obvious. After all, isn’t a tea bag filled with loose tea leaves? Well not exactly. The tea in a tea bag and loose leaf tea does come from the same source, Camellia Sinensis or tea plant, but there can be a distinct difference in the quality of the two.


Although high quality tea bags can be found, when talking about tea bags we are usually referring to the supermarket branded mass produced kind. To get the very best quality, loose tea is the way to go. With loose tea you find the best part of the tea leaves and on yea bags you don't always get the best part of the leaf in tea bags, so to answer the many who ask the question, loose leaf tea produces a better cup of tea.

Loose tea, fresh tea leaves are picked and then either used whole or in larger pieces. In a tea bag you will find much smaller parts of the tea leaves and even tea dust. The smaller pieces do allow you to make a quicker brew, as the smaller pieces don't need to be steeped for as long. However, you will only be able to get one cup of tea out of a tea bag whereas with a premium loose leaf tea, the leaves can be steeped multiple times and still retain their strength and flavour.

When buying loose leaf tea online you will often pay more than you would for tea bags but the quality will show, and it is worthwhile paying a little more. Beware of cheap loose leaf tea as it may not be what it is described as or maybe a lower quality inferior product.

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