Tea Bags

Tea bags, everybody’s favourite good to for a quick and easy cup of tea., but not all tea bags are created equal, it was the American's who first introduced the world to the tea bag. 

Exported tea would be sealed in small silk pouches which when received would be opened and the tea brewed as usual. However, some people who received these bags of tea believed the bags to be a new kind of infuser and started brewing their tea in the bags, and so the tea bag was invented.

America loved the convenience of the new tea bags but Britain was a lot slower in accept this new method of brewing tea. It was Tetley in the 1950’s who really started pushing the tea bag, and now tea bags account for 96% of the tea consumed in this country.

Tea Bag Quality 

The tea bags commonly found in typical supermarkets are often of a lower quality and contain tea leaf particles and tea dust. This makes a quick brew but the quality and taste you will get is nowhere near that of a loose leaf tea. It is however possible to find high quality tea bags that can rival loose leaf tea in taste and keep the convenience of regular tea bags. 

The best tea bags contain pieces of tea leaves that are much larger than the mass produced variety. The quality of tea is graded on a scale. Orange Pekoe at the high end which finds leaves only picked by hand using the balls of the fingertips to avoid bruising. The lowest grade is fannings grade which is the leftovers from production of higher quality tea. This is the type of tea you will find in supermarket branded tea bags.

We have a wide range of high quality tea bags, and not just black tea and green tea bags, we also stock organic tea bags, specially and herbal tea bags.

Should you be interested in selling our tea bags in your own outlet or serving them in your own establishment, we offer retails and trade account.