Our Staff

  1. Richard Smith

    Favorite tea

    A mid afternoon cup of Lapsang Souchong Leopard ..smoky!

  2. Mrs Smith

    Favorite tea

    A fine cup of Pluckley Tea as the sun comes up.

  3. Emma

    Favorite tea

    Tea Total! Why is there not a Cola flavoured tea?

  4. Ron

    Favorite tea

    Loves nothing better than a strong dark Colombian

  5. Sharon

    Favorite tea

    English Breakfast FOP

  6. Janet

    Favorite tea

    A nice cup of Winter Tea!

  7. Russell

    Favorite tea

    Ceylon Orange Pekoe Uva

  8. Dianne

    Favorite tea

    Madagascan Vanilla Chai Tea

  9. Yasmine

    Favorite tea

    Bora Bora Mango Rooibos

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