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The Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee Company is an independent family business run by the Smith Family for more than three generations. We import, pack, wholesale, and retail more than 1000 types of loose leaf tea, and over 70 types of fresh-roasted, whole-bean, and ground coffee for private and commercial customers all over the world. Our factory is located at Pivington Mill near the small British village of Pluckley that is situated right in the heart of Kent.

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  • What Tea is Good For Relaxing?

    What Tea is Good For Relaxing?

    There is nothing more harmonious than finding time to relax with relaxing tea. Did you know there’s science to this? Depending on the type of Tea, your favourite beverage might help you to relax in more ways than you think. In this blog, we will look into what Tea is good for relaxing (spoiler alert: there is more than one...
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  • Green Tea Pregnancy

    Green Tea Pregnancy

    Is it safe to drink Green Tea during pregnancy? There is research for and against Green Tea pregnancy benefits. Some scientists suggest there’s no need to worry; others recommend steering clear of it altogether. What’s the truth? In this article, we will scrutinise the reported, to unearth what it all means. We will answer, once and for all: “is Green...
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  • Echinacea Tea Benefits

    Echinacea Tea Benefits

    Indigenous Americans drank Echinacea Tea for cold and flu symptoms hundreds of years ago. Now, science has supported such claims, along with other Echinacea Tea benefits. Studies suggest that this Herbal Tea can not only support the immune system, but also help with weight loss, soothe cold sores and potentially reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes. In this article, we...
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