The Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee Company is an independent Loose Tea and Coffee business run by the Smith Family. Today the Company is involved with the importing, packing, wholesaling and retailing of Loose Leaf Tea Online and the importing and roasting of an extensive range of Coffees for commercial and private customers. The factory and warehouse is situated near the village of Pluckley, in the heart of the English County of Kent. Read More
Today the Company has a fleet of vans servicing retail and catering customers directly in Kent and Sussex and via courier throughout the United Kingdom, the European Union and Internationally. At the factory there is a factory shop open to the public with a range of over 1000 Loose Teas and Coffees available wich are also online. Our History Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Company was established in 1982. The Company was established in 1982 by Mr Malcolm Smith and his son Richard Smith on their return from India where they have their own factory of over 7,000 square feet. The factory produces traditional Tea Bags and packing an extensive range of loose leaf teas, with over 1000 loose leaf teas of which you can buy tea online from our website. A range of over 65 different fresh roasted coffee, you can Buy Coffee Online from our website, you can also choose the coffee grid when ordering from us. We have coffee for all types of machines including for espresso, filter and cafetiere, the coffee is roasted using the state of the art Nuehaus Neotec fluidized air-bed system roasting system which maintains the highest quality and consistency.

The Smith families involvement in India started in the 1920's when Mr Robert Stammers traveled to India to work in the tea trade on the plantations of Assam in North East India. Ultimately He was the Manager of the famous Behora Tea Estate. Daughter Janet married an ex Gurkha Mr Malcolm Smith who had also joined the tea trade. Based in Calcutta Malcolm Smith worked for the McLeod Russell Tea Plantation Company. On retirement from India the family settled in the village of Pluckley which is the most haunted village in England. On request from the local grocer some tea was sourced and we named this Pluckley Tea. To this day Pluckley Tea is the main day to day brand for the Company. We have an extensive range of over 100 original Assam Tea and Darjeeling Tea. Our Range of Loose  Leaf Tea Black Loose Tea The most popular loose tea in the world market today, produced from the Camellia Sinensis tea bush, Loose Leaf Black Tea is oxidised by withering the leaves. Manufacture varies from the better quality whole leaf orthodox teas to fine cut teas called fannings that go into making traditional tea bags. Black Teas are strong and often drunk with milk.

Green Loose Tea Also coming from the Camellia Sinensis tea bush but are not oxidised. Green Loose Tea is grown under full sun but also under shade conditions. The leaves are dried in a variety of ways including sun drying, firing and steaming. This allows the tea to retain more polyphenols and natural organic compounds which have great medicinal value. Green Tea is manufactured in a variety of ways to produced different types of whole leaf orthodox teas and cut teas for the production of tea bags. Due to the well documented Health Benefits of Green Tea it has become very much a day to day cup of tea for those choosing to drink loose green tea for its many help properties.

Oolong Loose Tea They are produced from the same tea bush Camellia Sinensis and are semi fermented during manufacture, this oxidisation process is done to a lesser or greater extent. Traditionally Oolong Tea is manufactured and drunk in China and Formosa Taiwan. The oolong loose tea leaves are either curled or rolled into small tight beads of tea that unfurl when infused. Drunk without milk Oolong teas have sweet aromas and Fruity, Honey like taste notes. Oolong Teas are known for their medicinal properties and greatly valued for achieving weight loss.

White Loose Tea This tea is the least processed of teas during manufacture. Traditionally the youngest freshest tea leaves are picked, the first two leaves and a bud. Once picked the leaves are dried in a variety of ways. The very finest White Tea is harvested in the Spring and are some of the most expensive loose leaf teas. White Teas originated in China but in recent times other origins are growing white teas, notably the White Silvertip Teas from Nepal. White Teas are another Tea known for their medicinal qualities, they have a light delicate liquor and taste and are drunk without Milk.

Matcha Tea Matcha is from Japan and China and come from the Camellia Sinensis Plant. Manufactured from Green Teas that have been grown under Shade conditions during the time leading up to harvest. The loose Tea Leaves are ground into the finest of powders. When brewed the liquor is whisked to create the unique beverage that is at the heart of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Matcha Tea has great medicinal benefits.

Gurkha Loose Tea From the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal, just across the valley from the most famous Indian tea growing of Darjeeling is the Illam district of Nepal. The British Gurkha troops are from Nepal and Tea growing is promoted to help ex Gurkha Families upon retiring from the British Army. Gurkha Tea are High grown Teas with a lot of Character.
Flavoured Loose Tea Flavoured Tea are naturally scented teas. Black Teas are blended in a drum with natural oils and products such as petals, flowers and spices. The most famous example of this is Earl Grey which is a blend of North Indian and South China Teas scented with natural Oil of Bergamot. The blending of the base tea is critical because loose tea hold / retain oils in differing ways. Flavoured Green Teas are scented loose green teas. Drum blended with natural oils and additions such as Elderflower, Safflowers, Cornflowers, Rose Petals, Fruit Pieces and Star Anise. The most popular flavoured green tea is Japanese Cherry !
Herbal Loose Tea Herbal Tea is from herbal plants that are not Camellia Sinensis. Herbs grow across the world and every country produces its own special herbs from English Peppermint Tea to Greek Mountain Tea. Camomile Flowers from Morocco to Rosebay Willowherb grown on the Russian Steppes. Sometimes referred to as Tisanes, often blended with standard teas.
Fruit Tea and Fruit Tisane Tea Our range of Fruit Teas and Fruit Tisanes are made up of real pieces of dried fruit, flower petals and pieces of spice. A fruity Caffeine Free alternative to standard teas.
English Breakfast Loose Tea Breakfast Teas are drunk across the globe. Every Country having a different take on the blend depending on taste and water type. Purists would always mark English Breakfast down as a fifty fifty blend of Indian Assam Teas and Ceylon Orange Pekoe Teas. Traditionally dark and strong brews served with milk to give that early morning pick me up. We have sixteen different Earl Grey Teas in stock.
Rooibos Loose Tea Rooibos Tea is native to South Africa. The tea is produced from “Aspalathus Linearis” sometimes known as RedBush. The Tea is red in colour and liquor with a distinctive taste. Rooibos Tea is very popular because it is decaffeinated. Rooibos Teas are often flavoured, for example we stock a Gingerbread and Orange Rooibos, a Pineapple and Lemon Sorbet Rooibos and a Stracciatella Ice Cream Vanilla Rooibos.
Earl Grey Loose Tea  Earl Grey Teas are the most famous flavoured tea dating back to the early 19th Century when the British Empire was trading with China. Based on a blend of teas and scented with the oil of bergamot. Several variations of Earl Grey Tea exist including Cream Earl Grey, Russian Earl Grey and Versailles Lavender Earl Grey.
Chai Loose Tea Chai Tea is increasingly popular for health benefits. Traditionally every Asian family would have their own recipe of spices that they would brew with tea to create unique Loose Chai Tea. Often brewed in a big saucepan on the stove top with all the ingredients, tea, water, milk, whole spices and sugar for a good hour or so!

Pluckley Tea is the flagship tea of The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company. A blend created by the Smith Family upon their return from India after generations in the tea plantation business. A strong blend designed for the waters of Kent, try our 80 Pluckley Tea Bags 

Sussex Tea for Sussex Water, our Sussex Tea is a special blend of Kenya KTDA original loose Tea, a Tea that is strong in flavour and does not stew.      

Organic Teas are teas grown naturally and certified at origin. The importance of an Ethical footprint for teas is paramount and the majority of our loose tea is sourced from tea plantations that are covered by the ETP “The Ethical Tea Sourcing Partnership”, their aim being to protect the sustainability of tea production in the 21st century. The Company Today Today the Company supplies hundreds of UK retail stockists and catering establishments offering an unrivalled range and expertise along with thousands of private customers worldwide. The company now employs 15 people. Our online services include an English Language website, a Russian and a French website. Online Trade facilities are offered to many European Union countries. Read Less

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