The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company

The Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee Company is an independent Loose Tea and Coffee business run by the Smith Family. Today the Company is involved with the importing, packing, wholesaling and retailing of Leaf Tea and the importing and roasting of an extensive range of Coffees for commercial and private customers. The factory and warehouse is situated near the village of Pluckley, in the heart of the English County of Kent. 
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  • Christmas Loose Teas

    Christmas Loose Teas

    Is it really that time again? Here at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, we couldn’t be more excited for Christmas as we get to drink our Christmas Loose Teas. It is, as we all know, a time for love, laughter, and festivities, as well as, of course, being a time to treat yourself with all sorts of...
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  • Learn More about Earl Grey Tea

    Learn More about Earl Grey Tea

    Earl Grey is the Flavoured Tea we all love, and yet know very little about! More mysterious than the books we read or the movies we watch, this Tea has so much uncertainty surrounding it that no one really knows where it came from or even when. But despite its elusive beginnings, Earl Grey Tea remains one of the most...
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  • Gunpowder Tea

    Gunpowder Tea

    Excited to start Bonfire night off with a bang? Perhaps you wish to explore the wonders of Gunpowder Tea and all it has to offer? Either way, you needn’t look any further. Gunpowder Tea delivers mouth watering flavours and astounding health benefits, two qualities perfect for autumn. It has been made and enjoyed for well over a thousand years and...
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