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The Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee Company is an independent family business run by the Smith Family for more than three generations. We import, pack, wholesale, and retail more than 1000 types of loose leaf tea, and over 70 types of fresh-roasted, whole-bean, and ground coffee for private and commercial customers all over the world. Our factory is located at Pivington Mill near the small British village of Pluckley that is situated right in the heart of Kent.

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  • 11 Amazing White Tea Benefits

    11 Amazing White Tea Benefits

    Did you know that White Tea benefits are more substantial than other Teas? You’d be forgiven if you had no idea. In fact, you’d be forgiven if you barely knew anything about this beverage at all. This is because, in recent years, Green Tea has claimed most of the spotlight. Yet times are changing. The future, it now appears, is...
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  • 7 Incredible Lemongrass Tea Benefits

    7 Incredible Lemongrass Tea Benefits

    Are you looking to discover a new Herbal Tea? Look no further than here! This citrusy delight has much to offer, including Lemongrass Tea benefits. According to research, it can lower cholesterol, support the immune system and aid digestion. What’s more, and perhaps more importantly, it tastes great. But what is Lemongrass Tea, and what makes it so special? The...
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  • Hemp Tea Benefits - 8 Reason to Drink Hemp Tea

    Hemp Tea Benefits - 8 Reason to Drink Hemp Tea

    Hemp Tea benefits the mind, body and soul in a multitude of ways. It is a type of Herbal Tea unlike any other, one that has become popular only very recently. But what, exactly, makes it so special? This article will answer this question and many, many more, including:  What is Hemp Tea? What are Hemp Tea Benefits?Can it help with...
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