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The Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee Company is an independent family business run by the Smith Family for more than three generations. We import, pack, wholesale, and retail more than 1000 types of loose leaf tea, and over 70 types of fresh-roasted, whole-bean, and ground coffee for private and commercial customers all over the world. Our factory is located at Pivington Mill near the small British village of Pluckley that is situated right in the heart of Kent.

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  • The A to Z of Tea

    The A to Z of Tea

    The world of Tea is far-reaching. It encompasses a multitude of types and varieties from Black to Green to Jasmine to Rooibos. Yet many such beverages remain unknown, confined to the households of only the most knowledgeable of connoisseurs. We believe it’s time this changed, meet The A to Z of Tea.   As people begin branching away from conventional...
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  • Christmas Loose Teas

    Christmas Loose Teas

    Is it really that time again? Here at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, we couldn’t be more excited for Christmas as we get to drink our Christmas Loose Teas. It is, as we all know, a time for love, laughter, and festivities, as well as, of course, being a time to treat yourself with all sorts of...
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  • We Plant A Tree With Every Online Order

    We Plant A Tree With Every Online Order

    The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company are proud to be in partnership with Tree-Nation, an organisation that gathers and coordinates reforestation efforts worldwide. Through our association with Tree-Nation, every online order we receive means a tree is planted. It is our way of supporting mother nature while combating the effects of climate change with the aim to become...
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