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The Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee Company is an independent Loose Tea and Coffee business run by the Smith Family. Today the Company is involved with the importing, packing, wholesaling and retailing of Leaf Tea and the importing and roasting of an extensive range of Coffees for commercial and private customers. The factory and warehouse is situated near the village of Pluckley, in the heart of the English County of Kent. 
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  • Our Flavoured Coffee Selection

    Our Flavoured Coffee Selection

    Coffee Connoisseurs are very particular when choosing their morning brew. We all want only the best from our Coffee, so surely a Flavoured Coffee Bean is far from exemplary? One just needs to look in the right place: The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company has an amazing selection. Every one of our Flavoured Coffees, from chocolate flavoured to...
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  • What is Chai Tea?

    What is Chai Tea?

    The influx of custom in Tea and Coffee shops throughout the UK (and, in fact, around the world) has seen our well-known ability to tolerate long queues put to the test. Perhaps you have been in this position and found yourself aimlessly looking for some source of entertainment as you gradually waddle towards the counter. Above the noise of the...
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  • Oolong Tea, "Everything you Need to Know"

    Oolong Tea, "Everything you Need to Know"

    Ever asked yourself if there is a so-called “middle ground” between Green Tea and Black Tea? There is, and it’s Oolong Tea. For many in the west, the name means nothing; that’s because Oolong, unlike other types, has only recently attained recognition outside of China. There is a Tea revolution taking place across the world. As such, the global Tea...
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