Espresso Coffee

It’s a common misconception that espresso beans are a different type of bean than regular coffee beans. Espresso can be made with pretty much any type of coffee bean but certain beans have characteristics that lend themselves to making a perfect espresso.


For an espresso coffee, the beans will generally be roasted for longer giving a darker roast. With espresso coffee it’s all about the roast. Lighter roasts tend to result in a coffee which has a more complex character that showcases the origin of the bean although it’ll generally have a more bitter flavour. With darker roasts you tend to lose the complexity and origin character but the roast flavour really starts to shine and with it comes the sweetness of the caramelised sugars. Espresso coffee is famed for its strong, intense flavour and that can only be achieved through using dark roasts.


At The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company we offer a range of the best espresso coffee beans in the UK including our Pluckley Espresso Roast Coffee, Java Santos Espresso Coffee and our Rain Forest Alliance Espresso Roast Coffee.


Roasted on site at our Pluckley factory, our espresso coffee beans can either be supplied as whole beans or as ground coffee in a variety of different grinds to suit different coffee makers.


We can supply espresso coffee beans wholesale in 6Kg bags for trade customers as well as small quantities for personal use.


Buy your espresso coffee today and we’re sure that you will find no better bean with which to create your perfect espresso.