Cafe Rico Espresso Roast Coffee

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Available as Wholebeans - Ground Medium Fine for filter machines - Ground Coarse for Cafetieres
Ground Fine for use in Espresso Machines.

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Cafe Rico Espresso Roast Coffee is a strong blend with a strong personality. It is likewise touted for its traceability, whereby all the Coffees found in this blend can be traced not only to the country of origin but also to the specific region of origin. From South America, this Coffee contains Brazil Mogiana Coffee of the Brazilian Mogiana region and Colombia Huila Coffee of the Colombian Huila region.

From Asia, Cafe Rico Espresso Roast Coffee contains India Mysore Coffee from the Indian Mysore region and Indonesia Mandheling Coffee from the island of Sumatra, specifically the Indonesian Batak region. Finally, from Africa, this unique blend contains Uganda-grown robusta beans and Ethiopian Djimmah Coffee from either the Ethiopian Illubabor or Kaffa regions, depending on the batch. All of these distinct Coffees combine to create an excellent crema and a great-tasting beverage, one best described as a well-balanced, traditional Italian style Coffee with defined sweet notes.

Nevertheless, why choose a Coffee blend instead of a Single Origin Coffee? It is no secret that, in recent years, Single Origin Coffees have become increasingly popular owing to many reasons, including traceability, which is one thing admittedly that Cafe Rico Espresso Roast Coffee, unlike many blends, has on its side. Other reasons Coffee Connoisseurs choose Single Origins over Blends include taste and quality, which again, our Cafe Rico Espresso Roast Coffee counters valiantly. So now the question begs: why do so many people have the wrong impression of Coffee blends, and when is it set to change?

Now that Coffee blends and Single Origin Coffees are competing on a level playing ground, it’s time to delve deeper into the potential of a Coffee blend and why, in many ways, it may be better than a Single Origin Coffee, after all. Take a chocolate cake, for example. Ask yourself the question: would it taste better if I blended the ingredients to make the cake, or ate the ingredients as separate entities? The answer should be obvious.

Imagine eating the separate ingredients to the most delicious chocolate cake one by one. Imagine missing out on all the incredible flavours and textures that may have been lovingly made by skilled and masterful bakers with years of experience in making chocolate cakes. Now, look at our Cafe Rico Espresso Roast Coffee and consider the love, care and dedication so sorely required in creating it. Each one of the Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company’s Coffee Blends has been matched perfectly in harmonious flavour, character and even aroma. Our Cafe Rico Espresso Roast Coffee is a prime example of just that.

Origin: Brazil, Colombia (South American Arabica), India, Indonesia (Asian Robusta), Ethiopia and Uganda (African Arabica).

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