Types of Coffee

No two coffees are the same; even coffees that come from the same estate, farm, or sometimes even the very same paddock. Profiles, flavours, aromas, and a number of other factors greatly differ depending on whether you choose Single Origin Coffee, Espresso Coffee, Coffee Blends, Decaffeinated Coffee, Ethical Coffee, Organic Coffee, or Flavoured Coffee. Once your palate has developed its taste for coffee, these different choices can provide unique (and, of course, delicious) characteristics. From mild and delicate tastes to tart, bitter, or tangy; berry-like flavours to smoky or chocolatey aromas, the possibilities are near enough endless.

Coffee can be so much more than a brew to get you out of bed in the morning. There is an art to its creation, and an especially enjoyable art to tasting your own, choice beverage from our wide array of categories. Once again, this art differs from coffee to coffee. To understand the full potential of any coffee bean, we recommend that you do not limit yourself to one. Instead, try one (or more) of each type; compare, and most importantly, embrace all they have to offer.

Concepts such as Single Origin Coffee and Organic Coffee have been in existence since coffee’s first discovery. This will not likely come as a surprise when you understand what both of these categories represent. Single Origin Coffee is, broadly speaking, a coffee that originates from one specific country, one specific region, or even in some cases, one specific farm, estate, or paddock. Organic Coffee is, as of today, a certification awarded to coffees that are predominantly free of most pesticides, herbicides, and fertilisers. This reflects the age-old production of coffee before any of these man made substances were even in existence.

Then you have concepts such as Coffee Blends and Flavoured Coffees, which are arguably ‘newer’ inventions. Coffee Blends are quite literally two (or more) coffees that have been blended together. Looking for a wonderful mix of South American and African Arabica beans with Indian Robusta beans? We have a choice for you. Perhaps instead you wish to try a bold infusion of Kenyan coffee with Central American produced beans? Look no further. Flavoured Coffee, meanwhile, is likewise rather self-explanatory. It consists of coffee beans (Arabica beans are most commonly used) that have been flavoured to mimic popular tastes such as hazelnut, vanilla, chocolate, or even Irish cream! Flavoured Coffee beans, like conventional coffee beans, can also be added to your baking. They make an excellent alternative to normal beans when making your own, bold, and unique-tasting coffee cake or tiramisu.

Contrary to popular belief, Espresso Coffee beans are actually no different to ‘regular’ coffee beans, rather they are processed in a different way. Decaffeinated Coffee is another example of this, as prior to processing, all coffee types contain caffeine. As the name may suggest, decaf coffees have quite literally been ‘decaffeinated’ through an intricate, often painstaking process. The result, however, enables you to enjoy your favourite brew while substantially lowering your caffeine intake. Ethical Coffees, on the other hand, are for those who want to ensure that every worker, every acre of coffee-growing land, and every element of nearby wildlife is cared for. An Ethical Coffee is a seal of approval. We work closely with the Rainforest Alliance, who have the ability to certify a farm, estate, factory, or any other producer as ‘Ethical’. With that in mind, we would also like to note that The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company deeply care about how, and in what manner we receive all of our coffee products. This means that we will always strive for sustainability, no matter the coffee type.

Further to these categories, The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company are also wholesale coffee suppliers within the UK. All of our coffees (and teas) can be purchased in large quantities at trade prices to be served at restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and within the catering trade. We can even work with you to develop your own personal blend of coffee for your business. As of present, a number of businesses already have a coffee bought from us that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

All of us here at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company take pride in the quality of the products we supply. We are proud to say that all of our coffee beans are some of the finest found in the country, and even beyond! When you buy through us, no matter the coffee type you decide upon, quality is assured with every sip. Whether you are just a casual coffee drinker in the morning, or a coffee connoisseur with your own, refined taste, we can quite confidently guarantee that there is something for everyone through our nurturing hands. We now recommend you browse at your leisure, take the time to understand each respective coffee type, and find a beverage that suits you!