Types of Coffee

The Coffee Plant Coffea grows as a bush or if left unchecked can turn into a tree. It is a tropical plant that can carry blossoms, fruits of differing stages of ripeness at the same time. The "coffee bean" as we know is the seed of the plant. The cherry like fruits contain two seeds that face each other on their flat side. The seeds are covered in a thin membrane. With over 80 types of coffee only two are most widely used, and they are:

This is the older, more mature type and is considered to be of the best quality. Characteristically heavy aroma, smooth with slightly less caffeine content than robusta's. The bean is long in appearance with a more curved central cut. Arabica's take about ten months to ripen and today accounts for more than 60% of the world crop. You can buy Arabica Coffee online with the help of our coffee guide!

This is a very different bean. More hardy it is more resistant to heat and diseases. The bean is round in shape with a straighter central cut. A less aromatic coffee with twice as much caffeine content as arabic's. Ripening in only six to eight months the crop cycle is shorter. Coffee is grown along the equatorial belt. A coffee plant takes up to four years before it matures an is ready for harvesting. The ideal climate is one that varies between dry and humid. The flowers need a lot of rain as well as sunshine. As has been well documented the coffee plant does not like frost and over the years great frost damage's have been reported. The higher grown coffees that mature more slowly give rise to the higher quality Types of Coffee with rich aroma's.

Types of Roasted Coffees

Single  Origin  Coffees – We have a range of Coffees from all over  the world. From the original growing districts of Ethiopia and the Yemen to Central Africa, Indian and Indonesia, Central and South American to the islands of Hawaii and Australia. Each Coffee origin gives you it's own distinctive taste and aroma. Buy Single Origin Coffees

Blended Coffees – In the UK  the preference has traditionally been for blended coffees. This brings together the taste points of several  origins to give you a more rounded and less one dimensional tasting coffee. Like the very popular all day Breakfast Blend, the high grown Mountain Blend or the very dark roasted Continental Roast. Coffee Blended

Espresso Coffees – Espresso blends are created for using on traditional espresso machines. Always blends of coffees with varying amounts of Robusta included. Robustas are used because they are the beans that give you the crema on your shot of Espresso. To create a Cappuccino or a latte a single 1fl.oz shot of coffee is mixed with 7fl.oz of Milk to create the drink, so the coffee has to be strong. Coffee tastes are very subjective... some people preferring the French Style, the Italian Style (north versus south), the Scandinavian style or the American Style... so do the English have a style yet? We roast a wide spectrum of Espresso Coffees. Buy Espresso Coffees

Rain Forest Alliance Coffees – We regard the Rain Forest Coffees as the Ethical Coffee of choice and have some great coffees from Brazil, El Salvador and Guatemala. Buy Rain Forest Alliance Coffees

Flavoured  Coffees – Original Coffees flavoured with delicious flavours like: Hazelnut, Vanilla and Irish Cream. Buy Flavoured Coffees

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans – We have a range of six different chocolate covered beans! Buy Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

We have been roasting coffee for 30 years and pride ourselves in producing freshly roasted, finest quality coffees which are consistently roasted... quality first!

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