Flavoured Coffee

We love the taste of coffee but sometimes it can be nice to mix it up a little and add a different flavour. Unlike adding a flavoured syrup to your normal coffee, using flavoured coffee beans that have been infused with a flavour can give a more subtle and natural tasting cup of coffee.


Our range of flavoured coffee beans can be enjoyed on their own or you can even experiment and make up some of your own flavours. All our flavoured coffees use the finest quality Arabica coffee beans infused in all natural flavours which gives a fantastic aroma and great taste.


There are many examples of flavoured coffees, from sweet and smooth caramel to bolder flavours such as brandy or whisky flavoured coffee. All our flavoured coffees are best enjoyed as an after dinner or special occasion drink, or maybe used as the base for an iced coffee.


However you decide to drink our flavoured coffees you can buy coffee from us, we’re sure you will enjoy their moreish flavour. We currently stock a range of seven flavoured coffees including Irish Cream Flavoured Coffee, Chocolate Orange Flavoured Coffee, Amaretto Flavoured Coffee and Brandy Flavoured Coffee. 


Why not try our flavoured coffee beans in your baking, flavoured coffee can make an interesting alternative to your normal tiramisu or coffee cake.


The type of coffee bean used can also affect the flavour of the coffee, that’s why we used only the finest Arabica coffee beans roasted onsite here at our factory in Pluckley.


Try some of the best flavoured coffee in the UK today, visit here to buy flavoured coffee beans online.