Flavoured Coffee Beans

It is believed that coffee beans contain an estimated 800 different compounds which contribute to their respective flavours, including aromatic oils, mineral salts, organic acids, sugars, and other carbohydrates. Yet for some, there can potentially be even more. This is thanks to flavoured coffee beans, which have greatly increased in popularity in cafes and coffee houses around the world in just the last few years alone! We all love the taste of coffee, but sometimes it is nice to mix things up and add a different flavour to enhance the brew.

Flavoured Coffee beans may seem like a relatively new invention in the west, but it has, in fact, been practiced for centuries. Originally, nuts and berries might have been added to the brew itself for extra flavour. Today, however, advances in technology allow flavour to be added directly to the bean. Unlike adding a flavoured syrup to your conventional coffee, using flavoured coffee beans that have been infused with a specific flavour can offer a slightly more subtle and generally more natural-tasting cup of coffee. Some establishments may see this as an opportunity to mask the actual quality of the bean itself, while here at the Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, you may rest assured that only the finest quality beans are used in all our brews, be them flavoured or unflavoured!

Tastes change with the passing seasons, and so we are proud to cater to a variety of personal preferences. First, we have our Hazelnut Flavoured Coffee which is, without a doubt, one of our most popular brews. We also have our Vanilla Flavoured Coffee, which is a medium roasted coffee with a bold, luxurious vanilla taste. To further satisfy the sweet tooth, we have a Chocolate Mocha and a Chocolate Orange. Both these brews, as the name suggests, consist of smooth, chocolatey flavours with every sip. The latter, meanwhile, also offers potent citrusy notes. For those special occasions, consider either our Amaretto Flavoured Coffee, our Brandy Flavoured Coffee, or even our Irish Cream Flavoured Coffee! No, we must admit, these beverages do not contain any actual alcohol, but they do still taste absolutely amazing!

Each one of our flavoured coffees uses only the finest Arabica coffee beans. However, do not just limit yourself to just brewing up your choice beverage for casual morning drinking! Why not instead try our flavoured coffee beans in your baking? Flavoured coffee can make an interesting and truly delicious alternative when making tiramisu or coffee cake.

Here at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, you can now try some of the best flavoured coffee in the UK today! Browse here to buy flavoured coffee beans online, or visit us in store. Whatever you decide upon, all of our wonderful teas and coffees are packed to fresh in our Pluckley-based factory, nestled away in the beautiful Kentish countryside.